Maruti Astar Buying Experience

My experience in buying automobile products was evident in the purchase of a new car in 2009.The decisions happended so fast.At kayankulam railway station, i found a maruti astar hatchback.It was Sunlight Copper in color.I found it attractive.Couple of weeks later, all of a sudden i thought of buying a new car.My options were........

1. Chevy Spark
2. Maruti Astar
3. Hyundai i10
4. Hyundai Santro

Finally i went for Maruti Astar.Here are the reasons that convinced me to choose a maruti.
Maruti cars are comparatively cheaper to maintain.Service stations are everywhere and spares are easily available.

Why i bought Astar?

  • Fuel Efficiency of Astar as certified by ARAI is 19.6 kmph .
  • Good performance and interiors.
  • In the interior more space is dedicated to the driver and his fellow passenger.
  • I wanted a small car to move it around in indian roads.
  • I liked the looks of Astar.
  • Most of my usage is in the weekends and 80 percent of the travel with rear seats empty.
  • Since i am working online in my office room in home, i won't be driving everyday to office.That is why i wanted a petrol car.
Words of Caution Heard from Other Car Users

There is not much space in Astar.
My take: It depends on what the customer expects.I am expecting a small car and not an innova like vehicle or a long sedan.


My take: it is true...when comparing to spark, astar is expensive.But maruti stable cars are having better resale values.Now that Beat is there(new chevy car for 2010).......which i feel a good bargain that Astar...
Cost in Kerala

Ex Showroom Price = 349,746
Insurance = 10649
Warranty = 1895
Handling Charge = 1500
Road Tax = 20985
the sum = 384,775
discount = 12,000
then cost on road= 3,72,775
Cost of Extra Fittings
wheel cover = rs 622.22 (meant to be free)
power window astar = rs 5777.77
Security System Astar LXI = rs 5324.44
seat cover oe eag = rs 4266.66
under body coating = rs 2222.22 (rip off)
cd mp3 sony GT/40UM = rs 7991.11
speakers s 170/190 DE = 3377.76
labour charge = 900
discounts = 2939
bill amount = 31,000
total Cost of Car On Road = 4,05,000
Dealer Offer
  • No cash back or discount.
  • Mat (i think it is given with the car and not from the dealer)
  • Flap (normal)
  • Steering Grip (Poor Quality)
  • Teflon coating (business based on jargons)
  • Wheel cover
  • Indus Package (means nothing)
  • Fabric Seat Cover or Rs 1100 discount in art leather seat cover bought from them
The car was delivered on 16th August 2009.I went for LXI varient.Here are the features
  • Three cylinder K series 1 Litre Engine.(K10B)
  • MPFI
  • AC
  • Power Steering
  • Five Seater
  • Five Gears Manual Transmission
  • 13" tubeless Tyres
  • 35 litre fuel tank capacity.
  • Maximum speed of 155 km per hour.
  • Power = 68 Ps @ 6200 rpm
  • Torque = 90 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Extra Fitting Opted on additional payment
  • Front Power Windows Sold by Maruti.
  • Keyless Entry Security System marketed by Maruti Suzuki.
  • Sony Xplod MP3/ CD Player - Plays USB Drives too.
  • Under Body Coating - Day Light Robbery
  • Art Leather Seat Cover in Black and Grey
Till now i drove 3300 kilometers on it.After five months, i am satisfied using maruti astar.


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