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Friday, August 29, 2008

Reliance Big TV buying Experience

You should be cautious when buying reliance products.This is what people use to say over here.Because reliance would have terms of service that suits them and would have not much for the customer.I called the customer service number which is busy every time because it is toll free.Toll free numbers could handle only lesser number of calls at a time.This is my experience calling different toll free numbers.Do not try to call Big TV Toll free number.You won't get it.It is always busy.

The other number costs more than an STD.Yeah it is an STD call.I guess it is to knowledge park or some sort of relaince data center............blah blah blah..................An operator will tell you how to buy the product............She will ask you to go to the nearest Webworld and buy the get started kit for 1990 or 2190.Then again call the call center and request for installation.

You Know What I did Last Tuesday
I walked out of my home and rode my bajaj ct100 and visited the electronics shop near my home.It's name is Amrita Electronics.I bought the kit for Rs 1990.The shop owner told me to buy sun direct because he doesnot like reliance.He told me that he had given Rs 50000 for Relaince in 2004 as surety when he was doing business with them.I remember his shop had lot of crap banners of Reliance Mobile.They didn't give him the money back due to the fued between the brothers.He got it when the company become seperated and with no interest.He couldn't claim for damages or ask for interest because their contract mentioned it clearly that they won't pay him the interest.

OK back to Big TV.There was no facility for demo so i saw the demo of tata sky..Is that interesting?I paid him the money and got back home.You need
  1. Photo
  2. Photo Proof - ie driving license copy
  3. Address Proof - copy of ration card
The shop owner contacted big tv guys and they registered the installation activation.That saved me from calling the customer service.

The installation team came on Thursday evening after repeated calls to me to the local Big TV Office (Franchise).They assured 24 hours but the dish and installation men came 48 hours later.Anyway the guys were good well mannered and did their job well.I know they are not well paid.Yet they didn't showed their repression.The team consist of a technician and his helper (trainee).They came on their own motorcylce (TVS Apache).Tata Sky has their own omni van.

They fitted the dish on the roof and installed everything.I now have the channel i have not paid also like hbo, star sports.The service men told me that this channels will cease after couple of days.No sign of dedicated movie channels as yet.Sound is good and video is clear.I offered 100 Rupees as tip to the boys which they declined and told me that the company pays them well and it is an offence to take tips from the customer who pays the installation fee..........
BSNL Guys..............pls listen to these kids.....................

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reliance BIG TV DTH Launched

The wait is over for many TV set owners planning to switch to Direct to Home Reception of Satellite TV Channels.Those guys were waiting for the Reliance BIG TV.Everyone expected it to be so cheap and guessed Mr. Ambani would share his fortune with the common man and would make cheap channel loaded DTH service for him.

It is true that those guys have more channels at the rate they give.South Indian customers would be charged less because of the presence of cheaper SUN Direct there.Sundirect offers 1 year validity DTH for Rs 1999 .So reliance who wanted to offer the cheapest ran in and offered at Rs 1990/-.

Rs 1990 includes
  1. GSK or Get Started KIt and Set Top Box worth Rs 1450/-
  2. Rs 500/- worth recharge coupons
  3. One year validity included in this package
  4. Installation included in the price
  5. They mention about some 30 movie channels.God knows about them
  6. Facility to connect to mutiple TV at discount rates.It might be a trap.Don't teach Ambanis to make traps.Think of the Rs 500 phone they sold in 2004.
  7. Regional pack does contain Asianet and Kairali for Kerala.
Channel List
  1. 9X
  2. NDTV Imagine
  3. Star One
  4. bindass
  5. Sahara One
  6. Star World
  7. Star Movies
  8. Sony MAX
  9. Star Gold
  10. UTV Movies
  11. Sony PIX
  12. bindass movies
  14. AXN
  15. 9XM
  16. NDTV 24x7
  17. NDTV India
  18. NDTV Profit
  20. CNN IBN
  21. Awaaz
  23. CNBC TV18
  24. IBN7
  26. DD NEWS
  28. Sahara Samay
  29. NEWS X
  31. INDIA TV
  33. IBN Lokmat
  35. Animal Planet
  36. Discovery Channel
  37. Discovery travel & living
  39. S
  40. ZOOM
  41. Fashion TV
  42. V channel
  43. MTV
  44. music india
  45. Vhr
  46. m1h
  47. Disney
  48. JETIX
  49. CHUTTI
  50. ANIMAX
  51. NICk
  53. TEJA
  55. SUN NEWS
  56. SUN TV
  57. U2
  61. GEMINI
  62. KIRAN
  63. KTV
  65. SURYA
  66. Sanskar
  67. GOD
  68. Aastha
  69. Shalom Television
  70. Shradha
  71. Star Utsav
  72. Star Majaa
  73. a
  74. Amrita
  75. Kasthuri TV
  76. DD Bharati
  77. PTC Punjabi
  78. DD National
  79. DD Sports
  80. Orange TV
  81. Jaya TV
  82. DD Punjabi
  83. Star
  84. LOK Sabha
  85. NE Television
  86. Rajya Sabha
  87. DD Oriya
  88. DD Gujarati
  89. DD Sahyadri
  90. tv9
  91. Kalaigner TV
  92. ETV
  93. Bangla
  94. Asianet plus
  95. Asianet Suvarna
  96. Asianet News
  97. DD Bangla
  98. tv9
  99. manorama news
  100. DD Channel
Then malayalam regional pack contains
  1. Asianet
  2. kairali
If you pay 200 rupees more , that is 2190 you get
  1. Star cricket
  2. ESPN
  3. Star sports
You get some radio chaneels..I don;t think even then it will add up to 149 they promise.
Click here to visit BIG TV Website

Save On Dish BIgTV Review

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Idea Cellular Hikes Unlimited GPRS Internet Tariff

The guys at Idea are the best ones doing fraud legally.I have been mentioning this fact in my previous posts too.Unlimited Internet access via GPRS and EDGE costed Rs 9 per day on your mobiles for some time.Now they have hiked it to 25 Rs.Airtel has also hiked the charge.It is interesting to note that this is a time when BSNL has started giving CDMA 1X service at 250 Rs per month.

Rs 9 -------> Rs 25

I do not justify this hike blaming inflation.Moreover the service sucks.It get disconnected now and again.To deactivate you need to call the customer care number which is always busy.This time i tried calling continuously for 2 hours.At last got connected and deactivated the plan.The call center guy told me that existing customers can still use the service at Rs 9 for six months after activation as a token from Idea.

The customer care of idea sucks.It is always busy.Is this the way to run a business that has value?I had invested some money in idea stocks through their IPO.It is good that i sold it.Because why should we invest in a company which treats the customers as fools and does fraud offers.

Friday, August 15, 2008

5 DIN MAHABACHAT Offer BigBazaar

You might have heard about the 5 DIN MAHABACHAT Offer running in BigBazaar shops.The same offers are available for online shopping at their shopping site futurebazaar.If you are a smart shopper, check this thing out.This offer is valid during 13th August 2008 to 17th August 2008.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BSNL CDMA 2000 IX and EVDO Wireless Internet Service s

The bsnl guys have done it again.2Mbps wireless internet connection unlimited at 550 Rupees per month.In Kerala, they are offering EVDO service (high speed wireless broadband internet) at select locations.Here are the charges
Cost of Modem PCMCIA type for Laptops and Desktops: Rs 3500
Activation charge: Rs 500
Monthly charge: Rs 550 for unlimited usage.
Minimum Hire Period: 3 months

If you love to use a bsnl modem on hire ,because you do not mind paying double it's cost as rent to avoid getting it repaired at your cost when it gets damaged.
Rent for modem: 200
Security Deposit for that stuff: Rs 1000



In most of the other areas, you can avail a slower version called cdma 2000 1x which is theoretically 144 kbps.So in reality the net can be much slower.
Cost of Modem: Rs 2800 (Now reduced to 2200)
Activation charge: Rs 250
Monthly charge: Rs 250 for unlimited usage.
Minimum Hire Period: 3 months

For the guys who link to rent the bsnl dumb modem, here are the charges
Rent for modem: 150
Security Deposit for that stuff: Rs 1000

Now hold on your breath ,Relaince netconnect is a service that can be compared to that of BSNL NIC Card Service.RCOM charges you Rs 1500 for unlimited usage.Now see the goodness of the public sector units.Those organizations are the good ones ,the politicians who run it are the bad guys that make them the last man in the race.What if there was no bsnl, RCOM would surely charge double the amount.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Google Adsense Offers Youtube Video Ads to Indians

Now Indian Publishers can make youtube adsense video players from there adsense account.Google have tied up with some content partners whose videos would be shown in the player along with ads.Embedded Video Player Codes can be generated from the YouTube account after logging in via Adsense account.You need to give youtube access to your adsense account.

Click here to know more

Friday, August 1, 2008

Download Videos and Music through Peer to Peer Network

Peer to Peer Networking is a computer network where each member is an equal.In this concept, there is no centralized server that has a lot of bandwidth and resources.Instead the powers are delegated to the individual members.The bandwidth of the individual members powers the network.One of the applications of Peer to Peer Networking is file sharing.Users can share files from their desktops to the whole world via P2P Client Softwares installed in their machines.There are different variants of this networks.

Bittorrent is an application layer file sharing P2P protocol.The files you share do not reside in your pc but it's chunks are distributed over the internet.Details of the where abouts of the file can be obtained if your client software has a small file with the .torrent extension.So if you have the torrent file and a bittorrent client software , you can get the file some one has uploaded.

Bittorrent Client Software is available for download free of cost from the company Bittorrent.
Visit http://www.bittorrent.com/to download the client Software

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay does on files to be shared what google does on the content of the websites on a regular basis.It keep track of the torrents running in the information highway.The site has been hit hard from the film studios and now they are running from Sweden where there are no antipiracy laws.Even though these guys do not own the files (music and videos) on their server, they indexes the torrents and make them available for torrent hunters.

The home page is like that of a search engine and you can search for torrents.

You can browse the latest torrents available.There are different categories namely Audio, Video, Games, Applications and Other Stuffs.If you register as a member, you can view the porn section also.They should be appreciated for making Porn Section inaccessible for minors.But registration is free.So no use.

Now in the selected page you can see the latest torrents.Click and download the torrent you want and open it in the bittorrent client and then you can get the file after hours of downloading.

General Information
  1. Bittorrent Networks has some pitfalls also.If you download exe or rar files, there are chances that you get attacked by malicious programs, trojens and viruses.
  2. Files shared in bittorrent networks are mostly copyrights violated ones.American Movie Industry is losing a large sum of money when people uses this networks.
  3. A person having 100 percent of the file is called a Seed.Persons having partially downloaded files are called Peers.
  4. The strength of the network is good when there are many seeds.
  5. The health is affected when there are no seeds.
Fileplanet (IGN Entertainment)