Download Videos and Music through Peer to Peer Network

Peer to Peer Networking is a computer network where each member is an equal.In this concept, there is no centralized server that has a lot of bandwidth and resources.Instead the powers are delegated to the individual members.The bandwidth of the individual members powers the network.One of the applications of Peer to Peer Networking is file sharing.Users can share files from their desktops to the whole world via P2P Client Softwares installed in their machines.There are different variants of this networks.

Bittorrent is an application layer file sharing P2P protocol.The files you share do not reside in your pc but it's chunks are distributed over the internet.Details of the where abouts of the file can be obtained if your client software has a small file with the .torrent extension.So if you have the torrent file and a bittorrent client software , you can get the file some one has uploaded.

Bittorrent Client Software is available for download free of cost from the company Bittorrent.
Visit download the client Software

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay does on files to be shared what google does on the content of the websites on a regular basis.It keep track of the torrents running in the information highway.The site has been hit hard from the film studios and now they are running from Sweden where there are no antipiracy laws.Even though these guys do not own the files (music and videos) on their server, they indexes the torrents and make them available for torrent hunters.

The home page is like that of a search engine and you can search for torrents.

You can browse the latest torrents available.There are different categories namely Audio, Video, Games, Applications and Other Stuffs.If you register as a member, you can view the porn section also.They should be appreciated for making Porn Section inaccessible for minors.But registration is free.So no use.

Now in the selected page you can see the latest torrents.Click and download the torrent you want and open it in the bittorrent client and then you can get the file after hours of downloading.

General Information
  1. Bittorrent Networks has some pitfalls also.If you download exe or rar files, there are chances that you get attacked by malicious programs, trojens and viruses.
  2. Files shared in bittorrent networks are mostly copyrights violated ones.American Movie Industry is losing a large sum of money when people uses this networks.
  3. A person having 100 percent of the file is called a Seed.Persons having partially downloaded files are called Peers.
  4. The strength of the network is good when there are many seeds.
  5. The health is affected when there are no seeds.
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