BSNL CDMA 2000 IX and EVDO Wireless Internet Service s

The bsnl guys have done it again.2Mbps wireless internet connection unlimited at 550 Rupees per month.In Kerala, they are offering EVDO service (high speed wireless broadband internet) at select locations.Here are the charges
Cost of Modem PCMCIA type for Laptops and Desktops: Rs 3500
Activation charge: Rs 500
Monthly charge: Rs 550 for unlimited usage.
Minimum Hire Period: 3 months

If you love to use a bsnl modem on hire ,because you do not mind paying double it's cost as rent to avoid getting it repaired at your cost when it gets damaged.
Rent for modem: 200
Security Deposit for that stuff: Rs 1000



In most of the other areas, you can avail a slower version called cdma 2000 1x which is theoretically 144 kbps.So in reality the net can be much slower.
Cost of Modem: Rs 2800 (Now reduced to 2200)
Activation charge: Rs 250
Monthly charge: Rs 250 for unlimited usage.
Minimum Hire Period: 3 months

For the guys who link to rent the bsnl dumb modem, here are the charges
Rent for modem: 150
Security Deposit for that stuff: Rs 1000

Now hold on your breath ,Relaince netconnect is a service that can be compared to that of BSNL NIC Card Service.RCOM charges you Rs 1500 for unlimited usage.Now see the goodness of the public sector units.Those organizations are the good ones ,the politicians who run it are the bad guys that make them the last man in the race.What if there was no bsnl, RCOM would surely charge double the amount.


Sri Krishna said…
since it is a CDMA service i guess it can be used any where in india where thtere is BSNL coverage.any thoughts on that??
Appu said…
It can be used wherever bsnl has cdma tower or what they call wll tower for their wireless landlines
ONLY 4 U said…
I want to that BSNL CDMA service used in any where India,its have any terms or condition
Appu said…
now they have added all india roaming on evdo service.

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