Reliance Big TV buying Experience

You should be cautious when buying reliance products.This is what people use to say over here.Because reliance would have terms of service that suits them and would have not much for the customer.I called the customer service number which is busy every time because it is toll free.Toll free numbers could handle only lesser number of calls at a time.This is my experience calling different toll free numbers.Do not try to call Big TV Toll free number.You won't get it.It is always busy.

The other number costs more than an STD.Yeah it is an STD call.I guess it is to knowledge park or some sort of relaince data center............blah blah blah..................An operator will tell you how to buy the product............She will ask you to go to the nearest Webworld and buy the get started kit for 1990 or 2190.Then again call the call center and request for installation.

You Know What I did Last Tuesday
I walked out of my home and rode my bajaj ct100 and visited the electronics shop near my home.It's name is Amrita Electronics.I bought the kit for Rs 1990.The shop owner told me to buy sun direct because he doesnot like reliance.He told me that he had given Rs 50000 for Relaince in 2004 as surety when he was doing business with them.I remember his shop had lot of crap banners of Reliance Mobile.They didn't give him the money back due to the fued between the brothers.He got it when the company become seperated and with no interest.He couldn't claim for damages or ask for interest because their contract mentioned it clearly that they won't pay him the interest.

OK back to Big TV.There was no facility for demo so i saw the demo of tata sky..Is that interesting?I paid him the money and got back home.You need
  1. Photo
  2. Photo Proof - ie driving license copy
  3. Address Proof - copy of ration card
The shop owner contacted big tv guys and they registered the installation activation.That saved me from calling the customer service.

The installation team came on Thursday evening after repeated calls to me to the local Big TV Office (Franchise).They assured 24 hours but the dish and installation men came 48 hours later.Anyway the guys were good well mannered and did their job well.I know they are not well paid.Yet they didn't showed their repression.The team consist of a technician and his helper (trainee).They came on their own motorcylce (TVS Apache).Tata Sky has their own omni van.

They fitted the dish on the roof and installed everything.I now have the channel i have not paid also like hbo, star sports.The service men told me that this channels will cease after couple of days.No sign of dedicated movie channels as yet.Sound is good and video is clear.I offered 100 Rupees as tip to the boys which they declined and told me that the company pays them well and it is an offence to take tips from the customer who pays the installation fee..........
BSNL Guys..............pls listen to these kids.....................


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