Why a new blog when I have digital tyke?

I have been blogging through digital tyke for a while. Initially when moving Digital Tyke from Wordpress to Blogger, some posts were killed. Also I had to delete some posts which I wrote emotionally in my 20s. Some posts were even mean to people who I am very much in friendship with now. So they needed to be taken down. Digital Tyke was not a serious venture. It was a place to vent my frustration as well as to share my aspiration. When I am training youngsters to professional blogging, I find it difficult to show myself as an example to them since I have broken all the rules I broke in my own blog. I don't maintain it well. It does not look good. My blog goes silent often. So I decided to a new blog www.maneeshjayachandran.co.in where I will follow most of the rules so that my students could not be misguided.


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