Why is Bible Called as Vedas in Kerala

Especially in Kerala, the Vedas which are traditionally associated with the hindus is being misinterpretted as the Bible.The confusion happened because when the Bible was converted to malayalam, the religious preachers named it as "SATYAVEDAPUSTHAKAM".The meaning of Satyavedapusthakam , a malayalam word would be the book of true vedas.This naming should be opposed since the Chatur Vedas such as Rigved, Yajurved, Samaved and Atharva Ved are the true vedas.The christian priest who study the bible are called as "Vaidikar" which is also wrong.Because "Vaidikar" are people who study the Vedas and follow the religion of the Vedas.By "Veda Padanam" , a christian priest means study of bible.But a hindu vedic means study of 4 Vedas.

Another word the Kerala Christians have taken from the hindus is "Dhyanam" which they intend for a Christian charismatic conventions as well as retreat programs.However for the hindus, Dhyanam means one step of the eight step Pathanjala Yoga Marga to realise the god.The word meditation would not do justice to Dhyana process.But could be roughly translated as meditation.


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