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Jaanko Njaan Pettu (Jaanko I got trapped)

Jaanko Njaan Pettu (Jaanko I got trapped)

Janapriya Actor

I am a fan of this actor and cannot believe he could be so cruel in real life.I have seen Punjabi House two times in theatre because I liked it very much.Have seen this recent central jail movie from theatre as well.And like Simpsons movie which predicted Trump Presidency, this movie depicted him in jail.But I will try not to watch his movie from theatre again.But the sad part is that we lost a good performer of comedy who was delivering funny movies since he would be busy spending time in court & jail.
Courtesy: Danke Memes Malayalam

Kerala CM who ruled out conspiracy angle in the beginning

I am a detractor of Pinarayi Vijayan who was some sort of a failure in preventing political violence and allowing goondaism by partymen under his watch as chief minister handling home affairs.But the way film actress abduction & attrocity ,assault case was handled, all credits to the Chief Minister for being a statesman & a father figure for women in Kerala. Wish he acts on all those who supported the criminals and tried to saved them from going to jail.Also the civil society would want to keep rich criminals like Muhammad Nizam (Murderer of Security Guard in Sobha City Thrissur), Janapriya Actor (arrested now and may face conviction for conspiring to harm an actress by physically and sexually assaulted her through henchmen) etc. in jail and make sure their business empire & wealth are not used for criminal activities.

Malayalam Movie Actors & Malayalam Film Industry Voices

All stand exposed in this episode.Some young men and women run behind these mortal film stars having hypnotised by their acting performances.In movies their good characters protect women hounded by rapists & molesters, in real life they cannot save women being misused and sexually abused in their workplace.Complete actor who can tame lion in the movies is cat in real life.They are not strong enough for even a blow from a reel villain actor like Abu Salim or a single blow from an indian tiger.It is just the acting, make belief.The tiger and the complete actor may not happen to be present in a same panchayath. Computer Generated Imagery does the trick in making the unreal real in movies.It is all maya or a world of illusion where any imagination is depicted as real.In the real world the heroes may be villians.The heroines may be courtesan or the villain actor may be a righteous guy.We don't know.So religiously following the actor based on reel life depiction of roles in the movie is a foolish proposition.But we all get tempted to do it.I like to see more movies of Rajnikanth and Jakie Chan based on the past movies I have seen of them.I am a fan of them.Hope they are gentlemen in real life.


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