Happy Gurupurnima 2017

Feeling very happy on gurupurnima. Day celebrated by students.This year I have a new role as bhagawad gita teacher at village temple (at muthukattukara devi temple nooranad) on Sundays.Humble pranamam to all my selfless teachers who taught our generation about satyam, ahimsa and dharmam.


1. Akhil Surendran

 Good manishji.but remember you should teach vedic interpretation of bhagavad gita.before teaching just read "Yadhaartha bhagavad gita" of acharya sri m r rajesh.there are so many interpretations of bhagavad gita.shankara bhashyam is mayavaadi interpretation and entirely different from iskcons "Bhagavad gita as it is".it is vishishtaadvaitha interpretation of srila prabhupad

2. Maneesh Jayachandran

Akhil ji, i don't intend to take sides here.Would present all perspectives.Have both the books..Yadhartha bhagawad gita is an awesome book with vedic interpretation.Book of chandrasekhara warrier dc books is the other book i learned with advaitic interpretation.




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