Uzma's Safe Comeback to India from Pakistan

Uzma , India's daughter returned from Pakistan.She got saved from Pakistan which is a fake nation made out of the bigoted two nation theory embraced by hindu & muslim fanatics in India when she was under Foreign British Occupation.Sooner or later, they have to disband their fake country and join as states in the Indian Union.A country made just out of hate towards hindus and hindustan does not deserve to exist. But it still exists because of the soft and friendly attitude of the indians. Indian tanks were playing around in the province of Lahore at Battle of Burki in 1965 and Lahore city was in the firing range. 84 Pakistani tanks were destroyed in the fierce fight at the expense of a loss of our four tanks.But we had to retreat the captured lands due to international pressure & had to agree for a ceasefire.We are militarily very strong. Only that we are a peace loving nation unlike the crazy Pakistanis who are filled with hate towards the Kafir Hindustanis.


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