Loot the Public and Misuse the Public Money

Public is forced to buy petrol and diesel at exorbitant rates.Governments loots money from common man as taxes. Oil companies make fat profits. Government directs oil companies to donate money from Corporate Social Responsibility fund to make Sardar Patel Statue in Gujarat. Huge mismanagement and waste of public money looted out systemically from common man and misused.Politicians should build gigantic statues for fame from their own money not from what is looted from public systemically.


1.Dani Gorgon 

That's the beauty of democracy.

2. Maneesh Jayachandran 

Statue is 2900 crores and Kochi Metro is 5400 crores.Advantage to construction companies like L&T only.The tourism project they expect to make money from foreign tourists. Since it is PPP, they would do all needed to make it a commercial success.What about the metro build on loan?Will it make any money to even repay the loans?Will it end up like another KSRTC?

3. Vishnu Jayaprasad 

Kochi metro is a service to public. Not intended solely for profit. But still it can make profit in long run if they go with their current vision of making money on different ways possible.

4. Sanil Subhash Chandra Bose 

And NDA govt claims corruption decreased. What an anomaly? But transparency report today suggested it is in fact increased. I'm confident that is true.


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