Extravagant Marriages Only Rich can Afford

Why make fuss about daughter's marriage if the money is hard earned? She has enough money to buy the gold.Why envy it?Instead we should all work hard & try to make more money and invest in physical gold or gold bonds.On a rainy day, this can definitely save you.If you have less money, buy lesser jewellery or no jewellery at all.Where is the compulsion to put this much jewellery for a marriage?Just a chain of any weight is needed for marriage. Mangalasutra is weared in a yellow thread and with little yellow metal.Only that is mandatory for a marriage.Rest all are additional fittings.Making lot of golden jewellery means loss of asset due to huge making charges and benefits only jewellery businessmen.Best way is to buy sovereign coins & bars or gold bonds issued by the finance ministry.Communists must realise that they cannot forcibly restrict the freedom of their members to avail material pleasures, upgrade lifestyles & get prosperous.It is fascism to control the desires of individuals.You should only correct them if the desires are immoral.


1. Jackson Joseph

One of the current District Secreatary of Congress married by friends sister in late 1990 s. The guy was so concerned about his image and demanded diamond jewellery for the value of Gold because for an outer eye it will be simple thus not compromising on image and dowry


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