Watch the three Mahabharata Movies Made

Mohanlal is starring the role of Bheema in the newly announced movie titled as Mahabharatha produced by BR Shetty with a budget of 1000 crores. The movie is based on the novel Randamoozham written by veteran malayali writer M.T. Vasudevan Nair .Randamoozham or Second Turn is an independent work and has no connection with the Sage Vyasa's Mahabharatha written in Sanskrit.Just the charactors are skewed and interpretted according to the imagination of the author.

Check out the three Mahabharata movies made so far.

1. Mahabharat - 2013 (Hindi Computer Animation Movie)

2. Peter Brook's Mahabharata - 1989 (English)

3. Mahabarat - 1965 (Hindi)


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