Importance of Good Food in Life

Food is not like what petrol is to car.Eating food is a lively and sensual experience. Enjoy, celebrate and worship the eating experiences.The sight of food entices our eye, smell the noses, taste the tongue and touch the skin.The love of mother, wife or daughter preparing the food completes it.The job of food is to nourish the body as well as soothe the mind and senses.

Food is divided in to two parts in Ayurveda - Hitha and Ahitha.The opinion of Acharyas is that wise men may take intelligent decisions based on the Hita- Ahitha table made by them.

Rice, Wheat, Navara, Yava, Cherupayar, Padavalanga, Nellikka and Inthuppu can be taken daily.Mutton is the preferred non vegetarian food for human body.Nellikka, Grapes and Pomegranate fruits should be included in foods.Eat more liquid substances.Honey , Milk and Ghee could stop degradation of body cells.

Curd, Dried meat, Pork, Beef, Fish, Uzhunnu, Amaracka, Chembu, Thamaravalayam, Sprouted grains,Food stuffs in pasted form should not be consumed daily.Occasionally you could take this.

Do not eat very hot and very salty food.

Liquids consumed after food should be changed according to the nature of the food.Cold water with wheat, yava, curd, alcohol, honey etc. and hot water with dosha, iddali and arimavu foods is suggested.

Avoid opposite foods.Some foods when used individually acts as nutrients and toxics when used in combinations.They are called Virudha Aharas.Uzhunnu with fish, Jaggery with radish, Milk with sour fruits, chicken meat with curd are examples for Virudha Aharas.

Food influences the mind.Food is divided in to Satvik, Rajasik and Thamasik categories.Milk, Cow's ghee etc. preserves the steady state of the mind. So they are called Satvik Aharas.Alcohol, Tea, Coffee stimulates the mind.So they are rajasik foods.Buffalo's milk dampens the mind so it is rated as Tamasik food.

Consume food in a friendly atmosphere.Don't make noise.Don't disrespect Annam or the food because it is daivam or Divya.

Upavasa or fasting one or two times a month is good to give rest to the digestive system.You can consume pure water, tender coconut water, fruit juices during the fast. Upavasa with vratha cleanses the body and mind.

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