Jio 4G Free Ride Going to End

Looks like folks would have to pay for Reliance Jio to get 4G wireless internet after March 31, 2017.The free ride is going to end. It will be Rs 100 in advance and a little more than Rs 10 a day to use internet. It is like a wineshop man who gives you wine initially for free to get addicted. Then he gives it for little money. Once you feel you cannot live without wine , you throng his wineshop and buy at whatever cost.

25.02.2017: Ananthanarayanan

Free has to end on March 31. The offers wil be cheaper thereby making it more affordable. The free wil attract people to get used with Internet and the cheaper rates in April wil make them stay with Internet and other services. Other service providers shall also reduce and thereby Internet can be cheaper to use. Cloud computing and other cloud services wil increase


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