Crime Against Women on a High

Kerala is becoming very unsafe for women and children. A movie star, dalit college girl, little child or a grandmother are just lustful objects for the perverts in Kerala.Time is ripe for a mass movement against atrocities done to women.We the public should start dictate terms to the politicians and the pseudo intellectuals.The politician - criminal - police nexus is behind the rise of criminal gangs , goons known as kottashen mafia who are supported by the wolves in the society. Systemically, they are perpetrating violence and spreading fear among the women in the Kerala Society. Women should get out of their houses and travel in groups at night with whatever arms they have got be it Kitchen Knife or Pepper Spray or Axe or a good staff and should capture the streets and roads where men roam freely after night. The unwritten rule imposed by the crooked men that a woman traveling alone is one without modesty should be defeated at all cost. I am writing this solution, since I lost faith in the law and order system in Kerala.

Image Credits: Sekhar Swamy


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