Avenger Street 220 Motorcycle Registration

Registration of my motorcycle done yesterday. I did it directly without any agent. The officer tried to annoy me by asking me to unstaple my application. He then checked each and every papers. He told one paper is missing. I asked which one. Then he asked me to get it stapled again. Later he asked me to get the identity proof copy attested by a gazetted officer. I found that I along with another gentleman who applied directly without agent and bribe were the only two persons in the whole lot asked to give attested copies. I did it and got my vehicle registered without paying any bribe usually hidden as handling charges and you mostly pay through the vehicle dealer.I was aware that the self attestation does not work in motor vehicle department which does not trusts a citizen.So Prime Minsiter writing letter to the Chief Minister and Chief Minister ordering each and every department to promote self attestation falls flat at the Transport Department which manufactures circulars to enforce red tape via attestation by gazetted officers which is unnecessary in a modern nation.If your papers are clear, it is their job to register the vehicle.They cannot deny it.Never Ever Mess up with a vehicle inspector. He has enough power to make life hell for you.And you know they have already left the humbleness they possessed during the days they prepared for PSC exams on the day they get the government job (sarkari naukri) and the power that comes with it.


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