Demise of Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaraman

I have irreverence to all those politicians who does not educate and elevate their blind followers from worshipping as god and eating without plate or leaf on the floor.Support all the good work done and oppose all bad deeds.

"If we cannot build a temple in India for Lord Rama, then where else can we build it? It should be built." - Smt. J. Jayalalitha in 2003 Source: THe Hindu
Lost another popular political leader yesterday who was in favour of the Ramjanmabhoomi cause.

Prime Minister Consoling Tamilnadu Chief Minister Paneerselvam yesterday over the loss of AIADMK Supremo Jayalalitha or Amma .

"When any civilised nation votes, it votes for a responsible father figure. For me, Modi seems to be that stable father figure when compared to previous ones, who seemed fascist and juvenile."
- Film Actor Saif Ali Khan ..Source


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