8 Tips to fight forgetfulness

1. Sleep Well. There is relationship between adequate sleep & memory.

2. If you sit mostly during the job, regular exercise is a must.
When you workout, operation of heart becomes active and oxygen rich blood would be pumped better to your brain.

3. Despair & Anxiety could be reasons of memory loss. Mood swings and pressure results complacency and can reduce our ability to store new information in our memory. 

4. It could be a side effect of sleeping pills and antidepressant medicines. Some medicines have memory loss as side effects.

5. Devise a strategy to keep commonly used objects like purse, key, mobile phone, eye wears etc. Write a note on important matters or save it in your mobile phone. Multitasking overloads the brain.

6. Make notes on people, their details. This will help improve our long term memory.

7.People who lead a noisy life may find it difficult to remember things. Repetition is the key. It can help remember things,.

8. Another way is to associate events. Keep the mobile phone near jogging dress. So you can start go for jogging when you switch off the mobile alarm.


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