Our Heritage Foods and Ayurveda

This is a continuation of the article on Ayurveda. Food and Medicines an Ayurvedic Viewpoint

A clean body and mind will result only from clean foods. When we adopted nutrients deficient junk foods, we lost our ancestral and common traditional food habits. Ayurveda talks about this food culture.

Body nature, age, employment, climate are the factors to choose suitable food in amounts according to one's digestive capacity. Eat easily digestible food according to need and difficult ones in limited quantities. The energy required to digest the food should also be considered.100g of meat would require 7.5 times the energy required to digest equivalent amount of vegetarian foods. Excessive food restrictions may make you devoid of the necessary energy required for the body's functions.

Here is the Ayurvedic viewpoint about foods. Only the hungry person can enjoy the food. Eat only when you are hungry. Distribute the main foods to be consumed at two times. In the intervals, consume only light quantity foods. Whatever the case, eat only the food liked by the mind & body. Consume only food prepared in a clean environment by people who have a sense in cleanliness. Clean the hands, legs and face before eating the food. A balanced diet with a blend of six rasas like sweetness, sourness, salty, bitterness, spicy & astringency is good. We can give importance to sweetness. While eating the food, concentrate on the food itself.

Do not eat the food very fast or very slow. Avoid the food containing visible impurity. Do not eat reheated cold food. The food consumed while angry, sad or extremely hungry will not digest well.

Fill half of the stomach with solid foods and one fourth portion with liquid. Rest one fourth portion should be left free. It is essential for air circulation and digestion of food.


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