Indian Response to Uri Attacks

This post have no relevance now {29 Sept 2016}. India conducted surgical strikes on the terror factories in PoK.Indeed Modiji, you are 56 inch. I change my stand.
We did not voted in 2014 for this kind of responsible , mature Prime Minister.If sitting duck was a government policy when defence force's morale is being hurt, Manmohan Singh was best at it. Why you cheated all people faking you were 56 inches and got elected?Today they started to attack armed military installations where jawans are vigilant with heavy weapons. If our response is do nothing, tomorrow they send more of them, everyday and every month until our country is destroyed. You cannot become a strong country and dream of a place in the United Nations Security Council without being one. Though Indian Politicians had made India a weak country and are afraid of the consequences of a war, our Army is brave. Strong Nations value the life of a soldier and pursue the enemy where ever they are and kill them.Our former Prime Minister was assassinated by terrorists and we have done nothing to nab them. That is our history. Our nationalism is reserved for cricket matches.It has been proven behind doubt that we lack quality leaders to give necessary orders to do an Abottabad. Even if we are challenged, we will choose to run away to fight against poverty, backwardness etc.Not because we are afraid, we are just not interested. And we are good at boasting.


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