Arise Awaken and follow the difficult path

There are seven mahatathvas ranging from Indriyas to Purusha. They are

1. Indriyas

2. Sookshma Tanmatra

3. Mana or Mind

4. Budhi or Intellect

5. Atma or Mahan

6. Avyaktha Prakrithi

7. Purusha or God or Ishwara

The way to god or purusha is through control of the indriyas.Contain words in the mind and mind in the knowledge and knowledge in Atma (Soul) and the atma in purusha or god.Arise, Awaken and find out the teacher to learn the knowledge. It is like sliding through a sharpened knife. A difficult path to tread. Find out the one (god / paramatma) which is devoid of sound, touch, shape, odour, physical constraint. THe one which is everpresent, infinite, without beginning and end. Finding paramatma who is above the soul (Jivatma or mahatatva) will save one from the jaws of death


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