Criticism on Neo Ambedkarites

The new ambedkarites are sheer hypocrats. Mahatma Buddha opposed animal sacrifices but his buddhists ambedkarite followers openly support killing of animals and beef festivals.Lord Buddha was ambassador of Ahimsa. Ambedkarites support Yakoob Memon and intend to raise many more Memons to bomb Indians.Buddha preached forgiveness but ambedkarites bring casteism every day and relish in their world of brahmin hate and ritual of buring Manusmriti.Buddha taught self restraint but neoambedkarites organises and celebrate Kiss of Love events.Shri Ambedkar did not believed that Aryans were a foreign invader race but his devotees are spreading the opposite.Ambedkar wanted to bring dalits in Pakistan back to India in 1947 to help them from attrocities. And look what his disciples are doing.Film shows on Muzzafarnagar...


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