Award Wapsi is a farce

Kamal Hassan is not a BJP supporter or sympathizer. He is in fact a left sympathizer.Fringe elements like akhand bharath, ranveer sena, sanathan sansthan , simi, NDF, popular front were always there and they will be there. When it becomes intolerable govt of the day bans simi or ranveer sena and takes strong action against the terrorists.Current organised propagandist activity done by media in spreading intolerance and questioning the central government for all the bad is malicious and with evil design. An unfavourable government has taken charge in Delhi. There is a grand plan working to destablise it just like 2011 Anticorruption movements which was an organised event against the corruption scams of the Congress and it allies.Present plan is to destablise the government which is gaining reputation in unpopular terrains and in global arenas. The fringe who have some ideological similarity with the BJP on many issues may boast of political patronage for the violent activities and could have connection with some law makers from the saffron brigade. It is making the things worse.

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