Selective Outrage by Marxist Pseudo 'Intellectuals'

Were these marxist pseudo so called individuals sleeping in 2013. What were they doing wen lot of people were killed as a part of communal violence? These Secular Bootlickers chose to enjoy the privileges given by their secular masters and kept silent when assam riots 2012 and muzaffarnagar riots 2013 was happening. Please read the news report below. Because the govts were led by Congress and Samajwadi Party both competing to appease muslims, these shameless intellectuals chose to sleep.They never wrote a line with their pen against Akhilesh Yadav or Manmohan Singh. Now what right they have to bark Fascism, Fascism ... 

“We prima facie hold the state government responsible for being negligent at the initial stage in not anticipating the communal violence and for taking necessary steps for its prevention,” said a bench led by Chief Justice P Sathasivam.
It also blamed the Central government for its failure to provide intelligence inputs to the Samajwadi Party-ruled state government in time to help sound alerts. The bench, comprising Justices Ranjana Desai and Ranjan Gogoi, was of the view that if Central and State intelligence agencies smelt these problems and alerted the district administration, the killing of 59 people could have been prevented.



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