Maneesh's Adventure With Shares

I heard first about shares from my father who invested in paper stocks of Barmer Lawrie Limited which was converted to Kochin Refineries Limited and then to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.All i had an idea was that by buying shares they send you some letter which is written annual report.In the annual report, a form for proxy voting was there.If we go to Kochi, we get free lunch in buffet style.This was the idea i had in mind when i was a kid.

Later my maths teacher, Mr M.G Daniel who has got a beautiful signature and ability to create instant comedy taught me about shares and debentures when he was taking me tution in the eight standard.I learned it well and read again and got interested.I was interested in Maths and the chapters that taught simple interest and compound interest.But i didn't pursue any.

A person named Tomas (aged minimum 20 years more than me), ran an automobile spares shop in the 'ugly' (i hate this place , mainly the people) village where i live. He subscribed to magazines such as india today and business today.I used to borrow magazines from him to read.I was a kid then and read them well.I didn't get a thing.What is this sensex and nifty all about?

I was observing the word sensex closely.Liks all kids ,i too read the word in a different way Sen - Sex .That is the way god made us - a bag full of imperfections and the weight of the bag is growing day by day with fat deposition ultimately leading to blocks in the arteries and heart attacks.

I am wondering now how i wasted time by moving around the pages of the business today with out understanding a word.

Then time passed and i knew nothing about business and has no interest in it.A program in Surya TV (our funny malayalam channel) inspired me during my plus two days.An entrepreneur named Lalaji inspires the audience every week about doing business rather than settle for a job.He asked people to come up and form teams and take up software projects.He shared the name of one website name which i heard as .It took me years to find that what he meants was elance.

I got a friend in my engineering from Kottayam who told me that he and his father were interested in share trading and they indeed were making money.Still i didn't bothered to knew more and shied away from business and finance news.Everything finance related seemed boring to me.

Then in second half on 2006,i read some inspirational books like "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Guide to Investing and another book by Donald trump and Robert Kiyosaki which made me think differently.Soon i tried to watch NDTV Profit available on my cable tv and it feeled good.

Now i subscribe Business Line and watches business tv channels like CNBC TV18, NDTV Profit, UTV1 Business News etc. But still knows nothing much about investing in stocks.

I started my investing in 2006 and had some instances of losses and success.I bought a bad company called Aztecsoft and lost some money on it.Made some money on idea cellular.

In May 2009 , i booked profit on a scrip BPCL (Bharat Petroleum) and made around 50 percent returns from it holding it around ten months.I made similiar profits earlier investing in the scrip idea cellular.

Now my portfolio is a mixed basket.I shall share you so that if you have more wisdom you may advise me.
Biocon Bought @ 200
Infosys Bought @ 1533
Federal Bank @ 135
DLF @ 428
Tata Motors @ 400
I have long term view for all those counters.


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