The love of money is the root of all evil

Say no to dowry

There is a promise i try to keep in life.To respect money as it deserves to be and not to love it so hard.I know that money is like heroine to a human being.It can degrade the goodness of a man.People steal or kill to get or retain money.Another thing people do is that they entangle it with relationships.We indians practise the f****ing practice of dowry which is illogical and absurd.

Dowry means a present or gift given to bridegroom after he marries the girl from a family.The family gives their hard earned money so that the girl is taken cared well by the groom's family.Those who battles for dowry interprets this as a gift given to the girl.But in most of the cases, the money ends up getting wasted by the men and the girls have no say in that.

When people mix relationship with money, you can expect problems and calamity there.How can you trade love between husband and wife, parents and children etc with money?Problem is not with the money.It is with the people who use it and love it with their wicked heart.

Typical Dowry Specification of a Malayali girl's Marriage

100 Sovereigns (Around 13 lakhs)

Could go up to 250 for upper middle class families.

Pocket Money

10 Lakhs (Varies)


All models of maruthi starting from Maruti Alto to Ritz, Swift and AStar.Now hyundai i10 is the hot favourite.Have seen one green tavera recently displayed in front of a kalyanamandapam.

Mallu men should be ashamed for what they and their parents are doing.Because this perverts are proclaiming that girls whose parents cannot afford these demands have no right to get married and live a family life with these perverts.I have read in my civics text book in the school that these kind of things are bad for the society and humanity.Why the other rascals who might have read that page for passing their Class X does take it lightly?So why are we wasting government money in educating these rascals?

Womens need to respected and treated at par with men if we want to build a healthy society. Government should make provisions to monitor such social issues like dowry deaths and torture of girls for dowry.Of course laws are there but we need some social watch dog to monitor each wedding so that there comes no calamity after a splendid marriage ceremony.


Anish Kumar K said…
hello frnd ,i understand ur feelings, but hw much of the population is ready to quit this system?
Appu said…
watching malayalam movie bhagyadevatha helps you to think more regarding this topic

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