Good Message from the Lion King

There was a disney show on dooradarshan tv on sundays morning during my childhood.Since we get only doordarshan during those days through our tv antenna, ofcourse it is terrestrial transmission.They were showing english cartoons dubbed in hindi.Uncle Scrooge and his three nephews with a duck face used to entertain me those days.Also micky mouse and two aviator bears were there.I have fantacised building a holiday cottage near the lakeside with a wooden platform protruding to the lake.They got an airplane tied to the platform floating in the lake.The two seater plane took Ballu the bear and his assistant, another tiny bear to the skies.Don't really remember more about this.Just have a hint that Scrooge was a miser and had a treasury filled with dollars and gold and his three menance creator nephews are the heirs.

Now back to Lion King.Lion king was released in 1994 as an animated cartoon disney movie.They promoted it via this program called DisneyWorld.I got a sticker of micky mouse from my cousin brother and i outsourced the painting of micky in a sheet of paper to my sister.She gave a neatly drawn picture.But i didn't get any prize from Disney world.The prize were some Micky Dolls.

I first saw Lion King from VHS hired from a local cassete rental shop for Rs 10.It inspired me.I think it is a good movie for the kids.More than that ,a dialogue from the movie is inspiring.

"When the world turn its back on you, you turn your back on the world."

Nice and meaningful!

Raised in circumstances that seemed fertile landscapes for a person to become a true introvert, i became one such.In many instances of life where i smelt blood, despair and disappointment, such inspiring statements kept me walking.

Hakuna Matata

Means no worries.Forget about your problems and face them with smile.

Easier said than done.Particularly for a person like me who gets dull in a slight setback or change in wind.When man becomes less spiritual, he is susceptible to all kinds of problems and worries.Lion King inspires the cub to return to his homeland and reclaim his kingdom and pride.


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