Gujarat Shines in Vocational Training & Employment

You can hate the gujarat government or administration for it's past as propagated by the media.But the fact is that you cannot ignore it.They have proved that good governance can be done if the cleansing action starts from the top.

The state which fills 25 percent of the treasury is the number one in vocational training and employment in India.
  1. The employment exchanges in Gujarat has worked unlike in other states and provided maximum employment.The state provided maximum employment through employment exchanges comparing to other states.
  2. As per an all india survey, it is ranked No.1 in providing jobs.
  3. This state is the first one of it's kind to organise regular recruitment events for unemployed people.
  4. India's first Placement Advisory Bureaus have been set up in Gujarat.Similiarly construction skill training centres have been established in the ITIs.
  5. The Placement advisory bureaus in the ITIs have been well acclaimed by our indian government and the world bank.
  6. The government has a tie up with 40 big business houses to provide industry specific training and skill development programs in the ITIs.
While everyone else is sleeping, i think they are working.Just keep religion aside and try to see the facts.By the way, i am a malayali jealous of Gujarat and so sad that the politicians here know only to fight over petty issues.

There are no employment opportunities in Kerala.The only mantra ringing in kerala is "Quit Kerala, Go to Gulf or USA."

The result - Best people are out of here and the cash flow from there replenishes the vigour of the comrades and the khadardharis shouting slogans and organising rituals like hartals.


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