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The Indian Verdict 2009

Indians have made their opinion clear about who should rule them.Pretty clear and loud this time.The UPA is around 260 and NDA around 160 and the rest insignificant.Let me make my 
political inclinations clear.I grew up seeing the congress and communist rule up my state and make a mess here.

When i was a child , i saw Rajiv Gandhi as PM.I saw my father crying when Raji was assasinated by the LTTE.During my school days , i saw the BJP emerging.Might be it was the period when we notice such things.I could appreciate Vajpayee and his policies in government, particularly the nuclear test and the economic policies.I could always appreciate the good things done by the safron brigade.But i have always been a neutral guy with no political affiliation or activity.The 2004 results was the first election results i viewed seriously.BJP suffered great setback then and was reduced to 130s.Now they are in the 110s.And congress in back in the business planning for a next 5 year term with good numbers.

I knew that this time they might not win.The people has anyway voted for a strong government and proved that people like Mulayam, Mayawati, Dev Gowda, Pawar who thinks that with 25 or 30 seats you can aspire to be Prime Minister and misuse power.People voted against the Left.


The victory provides power to the foursome.Here are the things i feel won them public 

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

India's poor won't forget to thank if the government is giving him 80 Rs or 100 Rs per  day.Especially in states where there is utter poverty.Do not think of the roads , cleaning of 
canals or farmlands done by the scheme.But consider the money the poor people whom 
otherwise won't have any opportunity to work anywhere in ultrarural villages.In comparatively developed states like Kerala , people has got some money.I am not going to discuss whether they deserve it or not.The project is good, but implementation is bad.Atleast some money is injected to the rural areas.But the systems are bad that the rats eats away the money.

Farm Waiver
Again some deserving people got benefitted.It was necessary to stop suicides.But systems are too bad.I personally know a person who got 1 crore worth property and got waivered Rs 50000 from agricultural loan.Why should he not vote for congress?
Media Friendly
Has support from all media.So you can believe people and expose the opposition 
easily.Remember the tehelka episode and cash for votes scam.Why did the later tapes was not telecasted and nothing happended for the horsetrading in the trust vote over nuclear deal?Many important issues were burried under.The business charge for Israeli missile defence system did not become an issue.
The Varun episode costed BJP dearly.The safron party should understand that they need to have an all inclusive policy and face.The Kandhamal events ashames BJP sympathisers like me.I can't believe Varun Gandhi speaking about retaliatary violence against Muslims as his grandfather was also a Muslim.The Gandhi family (both sides) should stop misusing the name of Gandhi as they have nothing to do with Gandhi fooling people as if they are descendants of Mahatma Gandhi.The people of India wants the Muslims to live peacefully along with the others.It is the Hindus who want the minorities to be safe in the country.It might be true that BJP might have got votes due to Congress's appeasement policy toward the minorities.But if you are going to rule a country, you need to want all the  communities.Not warning Varun Gandhi is sending a strong message to the public and 
people has disapproved.
Insulting PM was really bad.Last time they insulted Sonia and she walked away with seats and this time a good PM (though powerless and nominated) and it backfired.
Putting Modi upfront was not a bad idea considering the bad news circulated about him by the media even though he is doing a great job in building Gujarat.You can't get national acceptance unless he reach out to all community.I never have heard any words from him regarding that.He might be a good chief minister he is percieved as a villian by lots of people and depicted as a satan by the media.

It was sad that L.K. Advani had to leave on a sad note.But if you guys need to prove that you are a party with a difference and not like yet other corrupt congress.Congress is reviving due to strong leadership from Rahul Gandhi who might have good intentions about India.BJP has lost a good opportunity but it is for the good as everyone knows the infighting  in the BJP.

Congress need not take people for granted and to carry on the good work what ever they have did.It is bad that the Karunanidhi (sun glass guy) will demand more ministerial berths for his family to indulge in corruption and to steal India.F##K his Setusamudram project.

BJP told in 2004 , "Next time baby".After the Ram of BJP took Vanvas ,Lakshman have been running the company although lost many business associates and top performing managers like Uma Bharti.And they lost their market share in Rajasthan where the competitor is gaining strong.The only reasons to smile was better performing chief ministers and lotus entering south india.Now that it is hearing that Lakshman is also going for Vanaprastham.Hope they learn from the mistakes and get better under some new leader.I suggest Mr. Modi can be the CM  for now and he need to graduate and be open to all indians if he is aspiring to the future PM job.


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