Indian rupee and us dollar

indian Rupee is trading around Rs 50 for a US Dollar.But he hopes to beat the US Dollar in two years.Eventhough he sees the reality in today's forex market, he is an optimistic guy.In the past too, he had an obsession to beat the Chinese Yuan.He never managed to get even a visiting visa to Beijing.

Indian Rupee was reluctant to take a passport.His guru (rbi governor) told him that he won;t get a visa since he doesn't have a passport .And there comes a point he finds that he cannot be in tune with China.Not that it was more powerful, but since Yuan looked upon Rupee as an outsider or a traitor.This is his feeling.Communist china looked india as an enemy.Not Rupees fault........

Rupee meditated and reasoned that in international trade and business, perceptions matter than facts.

But again Indian Rupee is back, this time he is after the US Dollar.He is going to play all his tricks to it.Indian Rupee feels better when he look outside in Recessionary storms.He still have a long way to go 39 to 51 is not a good sign.He hopes to get the conversion 1:1.......

wish him all the best......

us dollar will wonder and laugh when she hears about the 1:1 conversion...She won't be able to stop laughing..But the fact of the matter is Dollar doesnot know that Indian Rupee exist.

Now astrologers (some guy predicted that crude will go to 150$ and will come back before 2008) predict that Indian Rupee will face US Dollar in the same bench.

  1. Will Rupee be at par with Dollar?
  2. Do you think dollar deserve a better conversion rate?
  3. Will dollar come back to present conversion rates if such an unlikely even in the story occur?
  4. Do you see any thing larger information in this foolish story?

Disclaimer: The post is purely fictional and has nothing to do with the said currencies or countries...i am sorry if i have offended anybody.....ofcourse i have not.....

Author: Sorry if it bored you.......just random the way i am not drunk....:)


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