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engage voter
The election heat is on.Web companies are cashing on the season generated interest in politics.An NRI, Mr. Sanjay Puri have started a political website engagevoter.com .The site is neatly designed but when you sign up you get a confirmation link which seldom works and shows up a parsing error.Irrespective of that you are accepted and can login after some minutes.And no ads as of now.The top rectangular full banner displays ad of the same site.

Petitions Online

Yes you can post petitions if you are angry about your ruler.Other users might also gets interested and may join you.

Topic Based Voting

You can vote on different important topics about social issues happening around you.


The forum is crashing.So nothing to make out of it.


You can blog under different topics and get it read by the users and visitors of the website.You get to read different takes on important issues of our people.


You can see the news videos shared by the users.You can upload any video on the site.


The site also has a room where you can find the lighter side of politics.Cartoons and jokes about politicians and parties happen here.

Neta's Profile

And the explosive part, they are posting the profile of each politician along with his/ her full contact address, pan number, and educational qualification.You can vote for and against the 
politician.You can add him to your dream cabinet if interested.

Engage voter Screenshot
The veridict

Altogether the site is good and worth a visit.They run a single line newsflash in red on every  page to get you updated about latest news.


Good information but if political party uses adwords then that is better for us (publishers )
Supermom said…
Hi Maneesh

It was heartening to read the nice review for Engagevoter.com. Just one correction, this site has been launched by Mr. Sanjay Puri, NRI and not Invitratech! Invitratech is a tech partner.

Appu said…
Sorry for providing the wrong information.Human error when collecting information.

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