Life gifted by God

During his creation, after making donkey, God told,"You will be named Donkey.It is your destiny to carry the burden from dawn till dusk and work hard.You will live 50 years.You shall take grass and leaves as food".The donkey replied,"My lord, i am accepting your judgement.But i have a prayer.50 years is too long for me to survive my boring life.So could you please reduce my lifespan to 20 years".God granted his request.

Next god created a dog and told him,"You will guard the house of man and would be obedient 
servant to him.You will eat what Man feeds you and leave 30 years on earth".The dog told him 
that 30 years is too long to lead a life of a servant and asked him to reduce it to 15 and it was  granted soon.

The third creation was a monkey.He was made so that he would jump from one branch to 
another.God told that you will leave 20 years without sitting anywhere idle but jumping from 
branch to branch.Monkey told god that without a static place living 10 years is itself difficult.So 
could you take back the remaining ten years?And god heard that too.

Finally man was created.God told,"You are man.My only creation who can think and develop and excel with knowledge.Your mind and brain will be superior to others and you rule the world for 20 years.Man replied ,"Granting this much powers and 20 years is too little for me.Could you give me back the 30 years rejected by donkey, 15 years rejected by dog and 10 years rejected by monkey."And God granted him what he asked.

So man lives his life for 20 years and after marriage lives the life of a donkey for 30 years  carrying the burden of family matters working dawn to dusk to make the life of his family better and 15 years he live the life of a dog guarding the house for his children and wife staying there taking the food that they give.Finally he lives the life of a monkey for ten years depending on his son or daughter at their mercy.......... and making monkey like gestures to please his 

Friends, this is human life.Really boresome ...right!.......


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