The Change has Come

While writing on this post, i am watching the live telecast of Obama's swearing in ceremony.Barack Hussein Obama's dream run to the white house was remarkable.Change 
was his keyword and what remains to see is how he does that to the system.Atleast Americans 
can hope for the best in the coming years, even though they are sinked throat level in trouble.

Now can change ever come over to India.For the 2009 polls, we can see all our parties misusing change.See what change means to different people.

BJP - L.K Advani.
India Inc - Narendra Modi
Congress - Rahul Gandhi
BSP and Communists - Mayawati

But the indian have nothing to hope.Even if Advani win, he won't be powerful.We have seen the rot in BJP when A.B.Vajpayee was the Captain.Whichever party rules, all shady things will be there.Also BJP is not strong to win India.Mayawati will emerge as a trouble maker.

Even if some one from either of the major parties (BJP or Congress) win, there won't be much 
chance.Because government is a system consists of misdeeds of different administrations.One person or idea cannot change things all of a sudden.In india if some on with a resolve happens to sit in such a position, the clowns over there will throw him away.We have seen A.P.J. Adbul Kalam didn't get his second term eventhough being popular and neutral image among the indians.Because the jokers are afraid of his iconic status.

But change should happen at the top.Otherwise it cannot.If our rulers follow the dharma, it is 
sure that the subjects will also tend to be dharmic ones.The fact that the politicians do all the 
wrong doings and yet are hailed by the public.As a society ,our moral values are on a decline. That is why we get the rulers that we deserve.

And back to Obama...I feel jealous about the Americans.Wish he brings change to America.Wish he brings peace to the financial markets.Wish him be instrumental in softening the Uncle Sam's image in the world.Wish him make america a proud and great nation rather than an imperialist and rogue nation.


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