How to get a death certificate in Kerala?

My father took his last breath at a hospital in mavelikkara in Kerala.The hospital guys would report to the local authority.That is the municipality.For a death certificate you need to apply at the municipality or panchayat.
  1. Pay Rs 10 and ask for an application form.
  2. Buy a stamp paper of Kerala Government worth Rs 10 from licenced vendors.(The persons who write the legal papers of a land)
  3. Buy a court Fee stamp worth Rs 1 from there.
  4. Paste the stamp in the application form and fill in the required info carefully like name of the deceased persons, name of his parent, his address , your address etc.
  5. Buy a A4 size thick whitepaper from a nearby bookshop
  6. Staple the form, the paper and the stamp paper.
  7. Fill a challan form(kerala government) for paying the required fees.
  8. Pay a fees of Rs 7 and get the receipt.
  9. They will print the certificate on the stamp paper and other contents on the whitepaper.
  10. After sealing and signing they will give you the certificate after taking the receipt.


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