Date with Brazilian Model Bruna

You can date with brazilian model Bruna if you win a Colgate contest.The contest shows a video of the colgate ad.For those who do not want to see the video, read the description below:-

A young man is stopped by a police vehicle which is airing siren and is parked in the rear of his car.A sexy girl clad in police uniform approaches the man in the driving seat and he is asked to blow air to a machine she holds.The idea is to test whether he si drunk or not. He does that as instructed confidently.When he does that the air flows through and make the hair of the police officer dances.She removes her helmet and make her hair free and asks to the confused man to do it again to which he does happily to her face.The smell gets her excited and she asks him to do it again greedily.He does that in wonder. Now a colgate tooth paste pack is shown and a narrator tells us that in colgate maxfresh there are thousands of cooling crystals that provides freshness in every breath and it makes a max asar on every other person.The man is shown brushing his teeth in the narration. She writes something on a paper and gives to him.He expects it as the fine to be paid,but laughs when he read it.She tells him,"I need you" touching his cheek lovingly.She is depicted wearing the helmet when she does that.He drives away and the narrator says "max Tazgi, max azar".He also says that this is the brand that dentists prescribes.

This is what is shown in the ad.You need to predict the follow up story of the ad.You need to predict what happens next and enter at the website for the #***ing marketing team to read and to apply in the race to get a date with the #***ing brazilian model.

Click here to visit the contest page before it gets closed.Ten persons will get cash prizes


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