AMD Perceptions Versus Facts Campaign

I have always been a fan of the company AMD.I saw him as a david facing a Goliath.The Intel strategy of pricing their chips high and monopolizing the market might have drove me to such a thought.When my father bought me my first pc, i opted for an assembled amd athlon xp and the system worked so well.But when i went to purchase my laptop in this march 2008, i could not get an amd powered one from the showroom and i opted for a celeron.

AMD has launched an advertising campaign called "Perceptions Versus Facts".They have roped in Viswanathan Anand, India's best grand master.At , we can see him busy typing in his amd laptop.You need to turn on your speakers or headphone to enjoy this site.

You are then asked address and email id for participating in their contest to win a free amd laptop.I hope they won't spam the visitors.Now Viswanathan Anand gets up from his chair and walks up to you and asks you some question.If you answer them well, your name will be included in the lucky draw.They changes the quiz every week.The quiz gives you an idea about perceptions and truth about different things related to us.After that you can browse the site.

click here

The website contains buyers guide for laptop and desktop users.You can find branded desktops and notebooks powered by amd.You can send enquiry and find how to buy.

All the best for AMD India


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