Idea Offers Poor Quality GPRS EDGE Service in Kerala

After trying out the GPRS EDGE service of Idea for which i was billed 9 Rs per day,i found that it was not worth the money.The network always gives preference to their voice network and data gets too slow.I travelled with my laptop at different towns of Kerala, and found the service was poor.It gets a little better at night.So a person cannot use internet on travel using this service.The net gets disrupted every now and then.The service is really bad.So users wait till they upgrade their network.


Anonymous said…
better than Airtel, vodafone- Idea gives me a rocketing speed of 28-30 kBps at after noons and nights and around 13-20 kBps other times. I'm from Kerala
Appu said…
Hi Halley,
I meant that at day time,after connecting data transfer stops after some time.You have to reconnects.....So ur sessions get disturbed.......Even though speed is there, the disconnected problem is a serious one.You need to dail again and again
Unknown said…
Yeah halley is right i ve used Airtel GPRS first it has the poor speed nd only download speed of 2to4 kBps wth out edge facility nd with edge facility the download speed is 7 to 10
while idea without edge will give 4 to 9 nd with edge it goes upto 24KBps

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