Idea STD charge slashed in Kerala

Idea Cellular is heavily advertising over TV that it's STD charges are reduced from current 2.75 Rs per month to 1.30 Rs per month.Roaming charges would be Rs 1 per minute and 1.5 Rs for STD while Roaming.They are saying that from 9th May 2008 onwards all existing and new subscribers can avail this facility.

But in small letters in all print and TV ads ,there is something written.To avail this facility the user need to SMS "NEWSTD" to 55101.Now you send the sms and get back a message saying "Your request has been received.The new Prepaid std tariff of Rs 1.3 /- per minute will be activated within 48 hrs."

So wat is this all about.Is it for technical reasons?Certainly NOT.....The Electronics Engineer in me tells...........

It is just that idea cellular want to rob the subscribers who see from the news paper or hears from radio or TV that their std rates are going slashed from friday may 9 2008 and start making STD calls to their dear ones (or others).The IDEA's idea is to cheat it's users.

What a WICKED idea!

I am a subscriber of IDEA


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