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Hacking Your BSNL Data One Broadband

BSNL is one of the major ISP in India.These people should be credited for the work they have done in introducing Broadband connections to rural areas well neglected by private players like Relaince, Tata and Bharti.BSNL plans would always be the cheapest one comparing similiar plans from private operators.My personal experience is that BSNL broadband Quality of service is better than that of Relaince Broadnet.

The only problem customers may face is dealing with bsnl customer care and service guys.Here JTO (Junior Telecom Officer), an engineer is the one who brings adsl modem to your home and install it.The other guys over there can take care if there is any problem in your phone line that affects data transfer.

Your bsnl dataone connection may be an always on connection and you don't have to connect every time.Then your connection type is PPPoE and your password is stored in your adsl modem.In case you lost your password here's a way to recover it.

Since you are the owner of the modem.If you do anything wrong ,it may get damage.So be cautious while dealing with it.The password recovery process was success for me luckily.

My BSNL Modem is a Router

The box BSNL provides me on rent (Rs 60 per month) is a wifi router.It is manufactured by UTSTARCOM .To configure the thing, you need to login to that device.Connect your PC to the adsl modem by ethernet (LAN).Type "" in the address bar of your web browser.

You would be asked for username and password.Default password and username would be "admin".If the password "admin" doesn't work, try "1234".

Once you got logged in to the modem through your web browser, browse to administration pages and change your router / adsl modem password.Note that this password is to login to the modem like this.

Now to find the internet password, go to 'Interface Setting' ---> 'Internet'

View Source of the page from your web browser.If you do not get to see your password in the html code
.See the page from where i got the password.

View Source Now

This is how you get the password and user id.If you are planning to change the password.Go to and click link check usage and login with this user name and password and change the password there.After that login to the modem and change the password from the Interface --> internet page.


click here


Unknown said…
After numerous attempts / phone calls to BSNL support, I decided to see if any one out there had actually run in to the same issue. This was an eyeopener and it actually worked ! Thank you !
Anonymous said…
Hi.Plz tell me how can I use this hack with my nokia C2110.I'm tired of calling bsnl and they dont wanna help me anyway.
Appu said…
hi tanmay,
i don't have access to a nokia C2110..I just have the modem that bsnl gives on rent.......sorry the way did u get to the control panel (admin area) of your modem using ethernet cable....if you get there try ,there might be some way

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