• Memoir about Running a Weed Clearing Service in Kerala...

    Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was a micro enterprises founded by me in 2011 to remove weeds and grass in plantations and agricultural lands on contract basis using a worker equipped with a Brushcutter machine by investing 75000 indian rupees.

  • How to run a roadside dosa business (and make it big).

    Interesting video explaining the math behind a roadside dosa business...

  • Munnar Holidays 2017

    Munnar hills you get the blessed presence of Maneesh Jayachandran , a visitor from plain lands. It is me At Rivulet resort, Pallivasal in last week of May. Photo taken on my mobile phone.Apologise for the terrible quality.The background shows river flowing near Rivulet resort.....

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tata Nano 2012 Review

Tata Nano 2012 model is a facelifted model of the cheapest car Tata Nano.Plastic wheelcaps are added in LX and CX models.The much needed Passanger side rear view mirror has been added in the new version.You cannot demand luxury features for the price it is being selled at.

In the Top end varient Nano LX, the interior comes in beige color.The area including Gear lever knob and meter console has been given silver color.Door pads are in dual tone colors.The seats which came in dark colors are also made in beige colors to match the interiors.The headrest in front seats which was one piece with the seats is now adjustable.The increase in height of the rear seats will help make seating comfortable.Nano comes in ten colors including new colors such as Pappai and Orange.

3 bhp's has been added to the two cylinder 624 cc petrol engine's power to make it 37.5 bhp.Torque is now 51 Nm from 48 Nm.ARAI mileage is 25.4 km per litre.

The front suspension upgraded using an antiroll bar has added stability.Reliable Booster assisted brake system and steering has been retuned to make driving more enjoyable.The sound has been decreased by the changes in the intake/exhaust system.

Nano 2012 is beautiful and comes in good colors and a small price.It has got 60000 km warranty.If you want a diesel nano you got to wait.....

Friday, February 24, 2012

Circus the moving jails of exploitation

I remember seeing a circus in my school days.I was fascinated by it.But i nolonger have the appreciation for it since the artists are not athletes competing for our nation.They are slaves beaten up and trained in their childhood.These children in most of the case are sexually abused by thugs inside the circus.Please read the blog about rescueing children from 12 children from New Rajasthan circus hell in Nepal.

Last year 23 children were rescued from Rajkamal Circus tent when they were camping.The children are trained brutually and are slaves.The circus company is very powerful.They have got all the money from people who want entertainment by making elephants and animals dance & perform for these thugs.These kids need school. Read here

Rajkamal Circus is also known for treating animals cruelly.See the article from lawyersclubindia.com

A lion and lioness were rescued and sent to madhya pradesh zoo from Rajkamal circus in Korba in 2006. See Details

I am writing this post because i saw that criminals are camping in my hometown.They will advertise to attract you to come and see the show they make out of cruelty.When each of you pay for ticket, these rascals make more money.With the money they are going to exploit more children & women.You will not hear the cries of children & women jailed inside the tent.They will buy more animals illegally, blind them ,make them travel under duress and illtreat them.Please don't go have mercy on these children and animals, dont go to Rajkamal Circus Kayamkulam......

Let's not be part in this CRIME.

Wandering My Secret Hobby

It isn't secret any more.I started revealing it to many people.This hobby was discovered by me for fighting boredom, negetivity, criticism, insults, depression etc.The main rules of this hobby can be listed out here.But it is very difficult to follow those rules.So you can always bend the rules and make it evolve to different possible ways.

1. Wandering is a hobby that is aimed at recharging the happiness gone due to daily trades and mundane activity.So do not attempt it if it is going to add up pressure and tension to you.

2. Wandering is best done by foot.I always did it when i was a child.Later i upgraded it to bicycle and then to motorcyle burning gas (money).Now i have also wandered using motor car. Ofcourse the happiness is less when wandered using car.

3. First rule of wandering is that you select a source and destination.Plan the travel, date and time.Learn about the place.

4. Second rule is use the nonconventional route (the route people wud not use).

5. Third rule is do not ask for directions.Find your directions.Do not use a map too.Rely on your instincts.They are right most of the times.

6. Once i got lost doing wandering when returned from my friends home.It was a remote village and all roads were confusing.Also it was 12 pm and so everyone was asleep to ask for directions. After many attempts i was succesful in waking up a person when i rang the door bell.The person was looking in suspicion as if i am a theif.I was on bike that time.So the fourth rule is Never do Wandering after sunset.You tend to get lost.

7. Rule 5: Carry water to dehydrate yourself.You might not see shops in some rural villages.

8. Rule 6: People will consider your hobby as display of your FOOLISHNESS or height of eccentricity.Do not argue with them by saying it is better than football where about twenty people run for a ball.Isn't it better to give each of them a ball so that dey will stop running.

9. Rule 7: It is better to have a friend if you are going to a dangerous place like a jungle or some unfriendly neighbourhood.You can share the calamities.

Even Though Algae is Bad Flowers Add Beauty
My personally memorable wandering was in 2004 when i walked 20 kilometers from my college to village while a person from my village was waiting at my home to check his neice's kerala matrimony account using my dialup internet connection.Those days people used to come to my home for checking something in the internet since nearest internet cafes were 15 kilometers away and only dialup connections were present.I never charged a single paisa for all those operations.This man and his niece were asked to wait 2 hours for my Wandering.They were urging me to get on a bus and come home but to no avail.

 My Latest Wandering happened on 18th February 2012 Saturday.I parked my motor cycle in my office and got hold of a bus that dropped me up at Edappon where i checked out a weed clearing site.Then i went to Pandalam and from another bus from Pandalam to -------> Changanassery.
 At Changanassery my target was 15 kilometers walking towards Alappuzha.Left side was canal and right side was paddy fields.The place is beautiful and people are staying in small houses on the sides of the canal and paddy fields. The canal was full of algae and flowers in it looked good though it is bad for ecological balance.
 At the beginning itself i felt hungry. After walking half an hour from 12:30 i stopped at KTDC EAST HOTEL Tamarind to have some food. The food was good.Kerala vegetarian meals and a chicken curry vanished the vaccumness inside my stomach.The hotel was deserted. I switched on the tv and changed channel to manorama news.The news about Italian marines shooting indian fishermen in kollam seas were played out in the TV.
Scenic Beauty of Alappuzha

Scene from a Bridge

Paddy Fields...Nostalgic

Travel to Alappuzha on SH11 Road
 Then i started walking at 1:30 pm towards west on AC road.The road is great to drive.I am a big fan of the straight road.The bridges in between are the speed limiters in the road and adds special dimension to the road.
Self Help Groups: How Good are they to fight Globalization?

The Road
 At 3'O clock my water was finished.I wanted a mirinda.Shops didnt had it.Atlast i found a shop that had fanta.But the shopkeeper wanted Rs 30 for the fanta on which mrp was written as Rs 25.So i canceled my purchase and walked again and later at 3:30 i stopped having failed the target from a place.Their i could get mirinda on MRP.I could just cover 9 kilometers in 2.5 hours.I was back at office at 5pm.

Tata Sumo Gold Review

My uncle Unniammavan is driving a Tata Sumo as using it as taxi.He is planning to replace the car with a Gold to make it more appealing to his customers / passengers.That was why i thought about it for a moment.I always disliked Tata Sumo.It has horrible mileage, less features, big price but only good for climbing mountains.In indian conditions you can use it as a MPV for ferrying people.

Tata Sumo Gold is a refurbished version of the old tata sumo.There is not much change in appearence from Sumo Victa.Gold is written as a chrome strip in the grill.A big tata logo is in the middle of honey comb meshgrill.Squareshaped clearlens headlamp is new.The three row airdamp and foglamps are attempts to make it new.Rearview mirror lamps Adjustable from inside resembles of vista.We have seen enough of the rectangular tail lamp.

Sparewheel has been changed from back position to under the body.This has been a relief and adds beauty.Sumo is going to be liked by people who likes cars having the shape of a box.

Sumo gold is marketed in four varients, namely CX, LX, EX and GX.Spacious interior and height, maximum width makes Sumo different from other cars.It is a large car.

Sumo Gold resembles the model that was unveiled in 1994.The central console includes neat big dashboard,ac vents , switches and music system.The defogger & wiperswitch has been blended to the center console.Instrument console comprising of Round analog speedometer is classic.Between two dials, there is a digital odometer, two trip meters and clock.Also door warning lights , seat belt warning etc are useful.4 spoke steering wheel has been covered by leather.Glowbox has been big and looks very rude according to my opinion.The plastic covering of the glowbox is affecting the front passenger legspace.The quality of plastic is still not good enough.The gaps in dashboard is impairing the fit and finish of the vehicle but tata is asking people to forget it reminding the price and value on offer.Power window and 4 speeker music system with auxiliary input is going to make travel comfortable.Remote locking system assures safety of the vehicle.The power window switches are placed between the two seats.Seats are arranged for comfortable travel for 7 passangers.However the taxi drivers change the seat position parallel to the road to accomodate one more person.This is bad and i even felt nausea travelling in one Sumo in 2007.

The fabric front seats offers comfort and thigh support.Middle order seats are the best to sit.Lot of legspace and lot of legroom for Sumo.The loombar support of front seats can be adjected. Three obese people can comfortable sit in the middle order seats.The last row couple of seats are also good.When it is folded you have lot of luggage space. The lack of storage space and cupholders is visible.

Tata Gold is powered by CR4 diesel engine that adheres to Bharat IV emission standards.It is also available in turbocharged Bharat III intercooler engine.This 2956 cc engine can make 83.1 bhp power at 3000 rpm and 250Nm torque at 1600-2000 rpm.Five speed manual transmission's short throw shifting has been made smoother.Driver footspace is huge.The higher torque and acceleration provides good pulling and pickup.Soft suspension make vehicle ride good on bad roads.Independent suspension in front and leaf suspension is used in the rear.The ground clearence is 190 mm.Ventilated disc on front and drum brakes in rear can stop the powerful sumo.ARAI certified mileage is 14.7 kmpl.

However expect something around 10.

I dislike both bolero and sumo.....So no more comments....It has been a prejudiced review.Sumo may be good for you though.

Hyundai Eon Review

Indian roads are flooded with cars.Parking & traffic will be an issue in the cities.Also the presence of a strong middle class consumers upgrading from their two wheelers to a small hatchback car is forcing companies to hover around at the entry level segment. Tata Nano was the game changer after years of Maruti 800 dominence. Now Hyundai is coming with their own 800 cc version.However as expected hyundai will be bringing an overpriced car.

Design of Eon

They are calling designs of hyundai fluidic.Now they are telling us that Eon is also fluidic.I am still trying to find what this thing is. Anyway Eon is showing resemblance to i10,120 and verna.Just like the way nano resembles old indica.Good fit and finish, comfortable to get in and go out due to tall boy design.Some people do not like the rear view of Eon.

Contemperory designed interiors that put all small cars to shame.Tiltup steering is useful.Main features are two tone colors, better plastic quality, ample interior space.Seats are of average quality and legroom is insufficient.

Drive & Feeling
It feels just like driving a more powerful medium size car. The steering wheel and gear knob is showing some vibrations which means it will be tiresome in bumper to bumper city traffic.The best way to get great mileage is to follow the gear shift indicator.Car manufacturers say suspension is made for indian roads.Eon will make travel of a small family happier.Powerful ac, super mileage,driver airbag in topend varient and stereo is another attraction.

Price of Eon is a dampener. 3.12 lakhs ex-showroom price is just too much for the facilities it have but this car will be a hit as many people will find it attractive.

ARAI Mileage is 21.1 kmpl.

Friday, February 10, 2012

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recharge your Aircel mobile Service Online

When you charge your aircel mobile phone service at nearby offline outlets you miss certain special online only offers.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Kawasaki Ninja 650R Review

Ninja has arrived in sports biking arena of india with it's 250 cc engine powered sports bikes.Ninja didn't had any serious competition here in that segment.However other companies have started filling up the segment with models of their own.Due to rising salaries indians who were initially averse to the performance bikes costing lakhs are slowly embracing them.The latest from Kawasaki is Ninja 650R with 650 cc engine for sports & touring ride.


Ninja 650R is available in green color with black in design.The rear portion is smaller compared to the front part.Lengthier split grab rail and oval shaped tail lamps make up the rear design.650R is rated as a track performance & touring bike unlike other sports bike.The design of rear suspension & exhaust is amazing. Monoshock suspension is fitted on right side of the frame itself. The cute smaller exhaust is kept under the subframe.Ninja deserves praise for getting out a finished vehicle.
Instrument cluster is completely digital.It is made up of good quality plastic. Cluster includes speedometer, tachometer,odometer, tripmeter, clock and fuel guage.Buttons and switches are very comfortable.Unlike other bike 650R does have a hazard light.All components including the plastics are best quality including the paint & fit and finish.

Ride Quality

Seating is at 790 mm high.It is comfortable to sit and foot pedals and gear levers are also not confusing. Handle bar is quite wide but it along with the riding position gives absolute control to the rider.649 cc parallel twin cylinder  liquid cooled DOHC engine is the heart of this machine.It's power is 71bhp (66Nm at 8500 rpm).Handle bar is made high similiar to that of commutter bikes to make long drives comfortable.Some people find sound of 650R thrilling.The 6 speed gear shift is smooth.Torque is deployed such that it is available at the entire rpm range.Performance at low end and mid range stands out.Bigger windshield & side fairing will help to decrease wind drifting and make ride enjoyable. Pillion drive is also great in this motorcycle.Two passangers can comfortably make a long ride.

Ninja weighs 204 kilograms.The 1410 mm wheel base & bigger tyres are responsible for the amazing road grip. Bridgestone 120/70R17, 160/60 R17 tubeless tires are used for front and back wheels.Within 5 seconds this machine can reach a speed of 100 kmph.Highest speed is 200 kmph.Braking system is rated effective so far.Front 300 mm dual discs and rear 220 mm disc brakes are important for indian roads.

For daily trips of youngsters looking for a powerful performer Ninja 650R can be considered.Ninja is sold through bajaj probiking showrooms.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skoda Rapid & Volkswagen Vento Comparison

Skoda Rapid is the latest luxury sedan of Skoda.We are comparing it to the old Volkswagen Vento.Whoeven wins nothing happens because the rival brands are from the same business house.

It looks the same as Vento.Vento is the car which happens when one fits a dickey to Polo.When Skoda received a Vento they cleaned up the face, grill, two lines from the logo and now it has headlamps that resembles Fabia.Altogether the car looks like a czech car.However the window design & shoulder line resembles the vento. If the bonnet did not had enough thickness it would look exactly like a Vento from sideview.Rapid looks more proporational and beautiful than a Vento.

Interior also same as Volkswagen.They have changed fourspoked stearing and gear knob.Plastic is of good quality.However interior lakhs the old skoda touch.The 460 litre boot is more than enough to carry things for a drive.

Comfort & Safety
Spacious interiors and comfortable sitting posture are the attractions of Rapid. The adjustable steering wheel & front seats will make driving easy.There are seperate airvents for rear passengers.Lever that can be controlled from behind the front passanger seats, foldable cup holders on front and back, bottle holders on the doors,2DIN audio player and facilities such as reading lamp on rear seats are examples of practical approaches of Skoda.ABS, passanger airbags etc are present in top end variant.

Diesel model is economical.Rapid is a rapid tiger among the midsized sedans.It has more torque than the petrol model which can be felt from third gear onwards.The turbo charged diesel engine is powerful and you can comforable do a city drive on third gear.Steering that gives good control and precision braking are world class.Eventhough engine is same as that of Vento, due to the insulation techniques employed by Skoda, not much noise is heard outside.Gear box is spot on and in first gear position of normal cars, it is reverse gear in Skoda.After that things are normal.The sportiness of the engine have not eaten up the milege.ARAI approved milege is 20.2 kilometers per litre.105 bhp 1.6 litre petrol engine has automatic & manual gear versions.

The final verdict is a spacious midsize sedan.Rapid will give good mileage for those looking to upgrade from hatchbacks.