Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trying out Luker LED Tube Set

I am open to new ideas.I tried out LED bulbs when they were first in the market for us to explore. Having received good results of using them, I am trying new Luker 18W LED tube light sets. They offer 1800 lumens similiar to that of a 40 W fluorescent tube light. The price was Rs 426 per piece.They offer 55 percent reduction in electricity consumption and 2 years warranty and 15 years life for the product. So decided to try out.

Vinesh V Prabhu

I have luker LED here ..we have 2 for front verandah and one inside.. I tried a small one in a toilet a year back and there are results...
Good brightness even with 18 w.I plan to replace others one by one.