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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Disclaimer: The following hypothesis is based on random thoughts and is void of scientific reason.The author vows of him being ignorant about the ABCDEFGH of Geology. This blogpost might be foolish and might waste your time. You have a choice to navigate away.

There is a dialogue in the movie Matrix where Agent Smith a program in a virtual world tells Neo the hero about human beings. The movie is about man getting lost in the virtual world and get them slaved to machines in the real world.

Agent Smith:  "I'd like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realized that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. The only way for you to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern... a virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet, you are a plague, and we... are the cure." 
Some of the worlds are rightly places. Because we really are. Where are we going from now? I used to believe than what distinguish between a man and an animal was men’s thinking capability. But later I realized that human race are fools who are too greedy to live and enjoy today’s life endangering the tomorrow. If they have been lesser greed, they could have let humans survive more in earth.

Where is man going to live after bombing / damaging/ destroying earth? Maybe some one has booked spaces in Moon by 2010 like people buying spaces in Chinese ARK in the movie “2012”.I am not going to be another person predicting a doomsday.


All I am saying is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So when you collect rocks from different parts and make a 50 floor building, lot of pressure is on the spot on earth than when there is no building there. Weight of all the objects, humans are pressing towards mother earth. Mother earth looks good outside. Beware it is her makeup. Earth’s crust is of width between about 5 to 50 kms. Beneath it from mantle to the core, it is very hot and humans will evaporate if we happen t o fall deep in to it. When you concentrate materials dispersed over a town to make a skyline, lot of pressure is acting to the bottom. As a result, such pressure adds up to the uncontrollable activities already happen underneath and will result in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions somewhere where crust is weak.


What happens when you make a concrete building?

Riversand, Quarry Rock Dust, Concrete, Cements etc are bad for earth.

Any alternative?

Unfortunately NOPE.


But since no body is ever going back to the caves……….LETS WAIT FOR THE DOOMSDAY :)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anish is Out of the Bachelors League

Our guest blogger Dr. Anish Kumar tied knot with Dr. Roshni last Sunday.Digital Tyke wish him all the best.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bajaj CT100 Motorcycle Ownership Experience


I am not ashamed to say that I was not among fast machines and hot girls during my teenage years. My father was very caring. He was afraid that I will mess up with a fast bike if he bought me one during my college days. I didn’t care to learn about the models of bikes and cars and it’s features. At the time of buying this Bajaj CT100 motor cycle , I had no opinion about what bike i should ride. So we just bought some entry level bike.But now i am much interested in motorbiking and have a heart to adore a real fast machine on road.

I bought it in 2006.It was billed about Rs 35000 then. It was a low cost option comparing similar models of hero Honda and the rest.  I did proper maintenance that year but in 2007 I didn’t care the bike well. As a result of it, the mileage decreased from about 70 kmpl to about 50 kmpl. The silencer of the bike showed signs of rusting in 2009.In 2009 I got it welded at nearest bajaj service center.So again the milage went up to about 65 kmpl.But the aesthetics were very poor.The silencer made it look 10 years more.

From mid 2009 to may 2010, it was used daily for commuting to my gym. During the period of may 2010 to aug 2010, I skipped on visiting gym and so the bike was waiting for a rider.I usually service the bike every six months.Last couple of services were at the nearest bajaj service center and was below expectation.
So this time I get it serviced by an experienced mechanic  who ran a small bike clinic named “SPEED” in Padanilam. This guy has experience working in company/ dealer service centre. Silencer was again a problem. Rust is all over in it.So I am choosing to replace it after realizing that BAJAJ BIKES are having poor resale value and are made up of poor quality materials that cannot even last TWO YEARS.

2009 Photo of CT100 with rusted silencer
The culprit is the poor consumer who are not educated through the user guide about how to maintain the vehicle well. The mechanic  is advising me to put engine oil or used waste engine oil through the rear end of the silencer. Soon it will drip to the floor from somewhere beneath the foot brakes.When you start the engine and provide throttle, the oil gets sprayed in the interior part of the silencer.Again when you are getting your motorcycle washed in a service center, water gets in to the silencer, stays there and causes rusting and disintegration. A rusted silencer = disastrous FE [mileage].So do not forget to oil it after a professional bike wash.

Prospective bajaj bike owners should note that today morning I bought a new silencer from bajaj service centre kayamkulam [KAIRALI BAJAJ] for Rs 2413.Bajaj is in the business of selling bikes that has a silencer that will self-destruct  even within  their warranty period.  Other than that, the bike is good and does not cost you much for maintenance. It’s silencer is costlier comparing to that of hero Honda bikes. My CT100 has it meters at 16600 km after 4 years of usage.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Panasonic Vierra LCD TV Buying Experience

I was planning for an entry level 32 inch LCD TV to replace the 29 inch LG CRT TV in my living room. I was not a brand conscious person. I was comfortable with all reputed brand’s except moserbaer, Videocon, godrej, sansui etc.

LG and Samsung were best ideas. I asked my cousin to bring a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV from Dubai. It costs 1450 dirhams there. Works out to less than Rs 20000 .He agreed to bring one in November 2010.

I wanted to exchange my old semiautomatic Videocon washing machine with a fully automatic one during the onam promotions in august 2010.So I visited a discount shop ten kilometers near to my village. The name of the shop was ATTINKARA ELECTRONICS, Pandalam. I selected an LG Fully Automatic Washing machine but the piece there was sold out. They promised to deliver as soon as stock arrives the next day.

I just enquired about LCD TVs and the salesman introduced me to Panasonic Viera LCD TV. It was not loaded with lot of features. I saw a demo. I liked the TV and bought it and canceled the Samsung.Honestly I am new to LCD TV. So I may not be able to rate it with respect to other tvs in the market. But watching DVDs on Panasonic Viera is Fun.

  • Video Looks good.
  • HD Ready TV.
  • I am guessing i can view HD video by connecting my sony vaio which plays out bluray discs to the tv as a projector.I am having Standard Definition DTH only and i don't have a Bluray disc player.
  • I can connect the TV to my PC like I connect an external projector to it.
  • My philips dvd player and the tv team up and delivers near theatre experience.
  • Two A/V Ports, RGB connection, Mic out etc and other standard things.
  • Look is stylish.
  • Wall mountable.

NO HDMI. How will you view HD Video without HDMI?
TV is HD Ready ..IT Is not FullHD.
Speakers are normal quality only.
When mounted on wall,it becomes difficult to plug the PC Cable. So you should have a dedicated PC Video Cable.

MRP 29900………
Got some cash discount and a stylish during the onam FEstical Season Offer…….. :)

I use a SUNDIRECT DTH Service to power the Panasonic Viera.

My old LG 29 inch LCD TV was bought in 2007 for Rs 14500.It was a good TV having subwoofers in it. The Panasonic Viera will be replacing the LG TV. After couple of days a technician from Panasonic came and disassembled the mounting stand and mounted it on the Wall. He missed to tweak and adjust the brightness, sharpness and other calibration settings.

LCD TV Alternative – I Call IT Viewsonic  Vision

Since I was using Pinnacle PCTV on my Athlon XP PC during my college days.I had something in my mind positive about TV Tuner Cards. It was an internal TV Tuner Card.I could watch TV on my PC clearly and even record video in MPEG !, MPEG2 formats.So when I was thinking of a small LCD TV in my office room, I think I could do it by integrating an LCD Monitor and an External TV Tuner Card.Back in 2008, LCD TVs were costly.A 19 inch LCD TV was selling at Rs 15000.So I bought a Viewsonic  17 inch TFT LCD monitor and a LUMAX External TV Tuner Box for LCD. I don’t remember the exact cost.





I had a LABTECH USA 2003 model 2.1 speaker system for the lively sound. It was lying there vacant after my Athlon XP PC went bad.

So Total Cost of the LCD Monitor TV was Rs 9500.Now I feel it was a bad idea. Because a TV is a TV and such emulations will always lack some perfection. Lot of wires make it a mess. I use a Reliance Big TV DTH connection to power the TV.It is still working fine in the third year but looks definitely bad in my room .I am watching news using this TV while working online.