• Memoir about Running a Weed Clearing Service in Kerala...

    Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was a micro enterprises founded by me in 2011 to remove weeds and grass in plantations and agricultural lands on contract basis using a worker equipped with a Brushcutter machine by investing 75000 indian rupees.

  • How to run a roadside dosa business (and make it big).

    Interesting video explaining the math behind a roadside dosa business...

  • Munnar Holidays 2017

    Munnar hills you get the blessed presence of Maneesh Jayachandran , a visitor from plain lands. It is me At Rivulet resort, Pallivasal in last week of May. Photo taken on my mobile phone.Apologise for the terrible quality.The background shows river flowing near Rivulet resort.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Idea Offers Poor Quality GPRS EDGE Service in Kerala

After trying out the GPRS EDGE service of Idea for which i was billed 9 Rs per day,i found that it was not worth the money.The network always gives preference to their voice network and data gets too slow.I travelled with my laptop at different towns of Kerala, and found the service was poor.It gets a little better at night.So a person cannot use internet on travel using this service.The net gets disrupted every now and then.The service is really bad.So users wait till they upgrade their network.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BSNL Reduces STD Tariff

BSNL has finally acted to the tariff cut by the private players.Remember Vodafone, Airtel and Idea had reducted the std tariffs couple of months back.Now there is good reason for the customer to smile.

STD Charges

Rs 2.40 currently for mobile and landline users
NEW - 1.20 per minute.This would mean that landline users in rural areas can make std calls at 80 paisa per minute.They can also make calls to local mobile phones at 60 paisa against the current rate of 1.20 rupees per minute.

Roaming charges is also reduced with effect from Tuesday, 10th june 2008 midnight.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Browse Internet Unlimited On Idea GPRS

Now you can browse internet on you PC using your mobile phone.Idea is offering Unlimited GPRS Service for prepaid mobile subscribers.Your mobile phone need to be GPRS enabled phone to use this service.GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a technology that allows mobile phone handsets for high speed data transfer facility.Normally GPRS phones are either Class 8 or Class 10.
A GPRS Class 10 phone will be best if you are planning to browse internet on your PC.You are now using your gsm mobile as a gprs modem.If your phone has a technology called EDGE, then you can get more out of this service.

Idea cellular allows unlimited internet at Rs 9 per day.See the speed tested by McAfee Speedometer.

I am using Samsung J210 having GPRS and Edge.This is the speed i got.The biggest problem with idea is that their coverage is poor in many places.For details about gprs service in kerala click here

Indiavision News Live On Internet

You can watch the malayalam news tv channel 'Indiavision' over the internet.Team Indiavision has always shown that they are a channel with a difference.

Watch India Vision News TV Channel (Malayalam)

Jump TV, Inc.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Study Places for Indian Students

Study Places is a website that is an excellent resource for courses in India and Abroad.For teens, it is a difficult situation after Class 12, to choose the course and institution so that they get the maximum out of it.With new courses like animation, fire and safety, nano technology, aero space engineering, biotechnology etc, offers great salary even if you don't have university degrees in the specific subject.

If you are planning to go for a job abroad, i suggest you visit this site.There is complete information about studying in Australia, UK, USA , Canada, Singapore and New Zealand.

Information Centre

  1. Contains Loans and Scholarships available for students planning to pursue their education in US,Singapore, Australia and UK.
  2. Educational Loans
Articles About Different Careers
Articles that throw light about careers that you can take up like animation, graphic designing, air hostess, sports marketing, pilot training, hotel management etc.The arenas described here are hot and new.

Preferred CoursesConventional courses along with new courses are described in detail at study places.

Then they have eligibility informations of various courses.The information about how to get admission to different courses.Travelling tips are included for students aspiring to study outside India.Since accreditation of different foreign colleges are available, the user can make a decision.

Counselling is needed for Your ChildIn India, everybody aspires and raves to be Doctors and Engineers.People have no regard for other careers.A career counselor can help find the trait of a student and help him find the course that is best for him.Study Places have a similar addon which is a profiling tool which does a similar work by asking some questions and select the course based on the answers.

You can ask them career questions and they will provide you with their replies.You can chat live with the counsellors.

CAT, MAT, GRE Exam Preparation

There are lot of guys who study and prepare for exams that would fetch them a seat in a reputed business school or engineering college.Help for tests for courses outside India like SAT and GRE are also present here.

College and Course Search

Search for courses by entering your marks.You need to be registered with the website for availing this facility.

Forum and Events Calender

They have an active internet forum where one can enter only after registration which is free.An Events Calender tracks about various courses, last dates for sending application, test dates etc.

The Design of Study Places is simple and attractive.This site owned by Zaptive Internet Services Pvt Ltd is really a good educational and career site to be noted.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Google Favicon

Google's favicon is now different from a couple of days.Earlier it was a capital 'G'.Now it is a small 'g'.