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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laughter in Government Office: i'm having it

After having the bad experience at the Parakode Block Development Officer's office, i went there again after getting an application letter from my legal advisor.This time i am loaded with all what i am needed to get the certificate.Mr. Thankappan was having a mammoth conference that was going on with him presiding.I waited outside the door.In between he came outside smoking a cigrette and talking on the cell phone.I approached him and apologise for me asking him to be answerable to the public the last day.

He replied,"you weren't talking like this before...where is your sense of questioning now.........for getting things done at a govt office there is a procedure...........you got to know that".

Me: i know that sir.i shall keep that in mind dealing govt. offices the next time..

Thankappan: "lemme check after the meeting."

The meeting ended at 1 pm.I entered his office room asking permission.He asked me again the purpose.This time i showed the advocate's request letter along with the court certificate.Now he started the blah blah again.........

Thankappan: "I cannot give some one a certificate if you bring some paper...........If i give you the certificate of my subordinate , he will sue me for i gave certificate to some person without his consent."

I called my advocate and gave the phone to the BDO.He declined to the advocate also.Then by the instructions of the BDO,

i asked him to either accept the application and give me reciept (acknowledgement).This was declined.Then i asked him to give me in writing that he is rejecting my application for salary certificate on certain ground.He got up from his chair and walked around like a mad man.

He went outside and called his driver and instructed him to xerox the court order and advoc's application.Thankappan told me that he need to think and call his brother who is also an advocate.I went to the nearest shop and bought a banana to deal with hunger as it was 2:30 pm then.

Thankappan came back and then again i entered his office and i told him something as i was told by my advoc.Here is it......

"Since you are not giving me either the certificate which the court ordered and my advoc applied formally or giving me in writing that you are accepting (acknowledgement receipt) or rejecting the application, my advoc has filed a contempt of court petition.You might get papers from court and will have to answer the respected court for your act of disobeying the court."

That did it..............

Thankappan told "You want the certificate right..........i shall give it..........do not threaten me with contempt of court petition and all......nobody is going to get me in to their nose (malayalam phrase translated)......i will answer then........I shall give you the certificate.........wait for it to get typed..i shall come back and sign it after a finance committee i got to go at 3 pm....do not get tensed about that......".

And i got it ...........................

Can't Stop Laughing at the Office...............

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Babus: Are they Public Servant or our Masters?

Like all other blogpost, this post also starts with my apology about me neglecting this blog and not posting anything here lately.Time Management is a difficult thing to do.Here is an update about my fitness plan.I am now irregular in going to gym.My weight is hovering around 78 and 79 kgs.This post is mainly to note a bad experience i had at a government office.

The Background

Mr. Padmakaran who is a Joint Block Development Officer, working at Parakode owes my father Rs 35000 he has borrowed for personal use.He didn't gave back the money and atlast gave a check to cash.The check got bounced and my dad filed a civil suit in the nearby court hoping this person will give the money back as cases will affect his job and all.But it didn't happen and my father died in a heart arrest in 2008.Then my family was the plaintiff.So we pursued the case so that my father's efforts should not be lost in vain.We won the case in 2009.Now we got to make arrangements to recover the money from the salary of the Joint BDO.

Our advocate's assistant gave me a court certificate and told me that i should produce the certificate to the Block Development Officer, Parakode and he will be giving me the salary certificate of Mr Padmakaran, a subordinate under him.In the court certificate, the respected munsiff majistrate has directed that our advocate
should be given salary certificate of the accused.

Now that i am 26 year old youngster have no idea of courts (seen this proceedings now only).I am an engineer writing software codes in PHP.I have never visited a Block Office (block is an organisational office that rules above panchayat.that is wat my knowledge is.).My first visit to a block office was disastrous.I entered the premise and asked for the office of the BDO (Block Development Officer).I had the knowledge that a BDO is a guezetted officer (person who signs with green ink and who can certify any documents of the public).

THE VISIT: DATE: 14 May 2010, Time: 2:30 pm

I told respectfully to the BDO about my purpose of the visit and produced the certificate.There was something wrong with the certificate.A covering letter of the advocate needed to be provided with the court certificate.The assistant of our advocate didn;t told me that, he just gave me this certificate.Now this BDO whose name is Thankappan shouted at me without any provocation from my end.I asked him about why he was not giving the salary certificate.That was the provocation for his shouting.I told him calmly that i just wanted to know the reason so that i can tell my advocate.I really don't know about government rules and laws, procedures.I am ok if he declines, but i want to know the reason, so that i can tell my advocate and  make corrections.

But this man was hopeless.He shouted at me like i was a pakisthani.I was very depressed.I was thinking that if a law abiding indian citizen with some basic knowledge about our country, it's democracy and setup is being treated this way, then wat about our illiterate villagers who know nothing much about what our constitution guarantees us.How this man will be behaving if poor villagers visit him for any purpose?If i am a political person of a ruling party or in a government position above him, will he behave in the same way?

The problem is our babus, who should be serving us for which they are given hefty salary, are acting as they are our masters.People like Thankappan should know that East India Company is not ruling India.I couldn't say that to him because i got to get the certificate once i get the covering letter.

I called my lawyer and asked him.He asked me to come over there and show me the certificate again,I got to visit my advocate he told me that the court certificate needs to be given along with the request from the advocate and his assistant forgot to give the covering letter along with the certificate.So i got to get a covering letter and visit this ******* BDO Mr. Thankappan again.I do not expect better behaviour the next time also.When i am writing this, i got the covering letter from my advocate.Again, i will be going afor the certificate next week probably Monday.

I understand that the BDO's subordinate who owes us money might be his friend also.This man would have enemity against me since i am running a civil case against his subordinate.That might be the reason why he shouted and insulted me.


My inner heart says i should be a real hero and tell all the things written here to this Thankappan.But in real life, i fail to do it.Because i need to come the next day and face this ******* Officer and humbly request the certificate again.All i told before getting out of the room, was that

" Why couldn't you tell me the reason in short rather than shout and insult me?"


You got to grow up.Is this the impression you are creating in a youngster you meet the first time in your life.You know nothing about him.Do you think that the throne you are on is everlasting and is the best one in the world?Even Saddam Hussain thought like that.


He is the public information officer of the office under the RTI act.I doubt his ability to provide information.As far as the information i gathered in that hour,he is only good at shouting.


You do not become big by shouting and insulting.You become small only.I have seen officers in bigger posts than you.Most of them behaved very well.


Here is the Court Certificate I have submitted without a covering letter from the advocate