• Memoir about Running a Weed Clearing Service in Kerala...

    Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was a micro enterprises founded by me in 2011 to remove weeds and grass in plantations and agricultural lands on contract basis using a worker equipped with a Brushcutter machine by investing 75000 indian rupees.

  • How to run a roadside dosa business (and make it big).

    Interesting video explaining the math behind a roadside dosa business...

  • Munnar Holidays 2017

    Munnar hills you get the blessed presence of Maneesh Jayachandran , a visitor from plain lands. It is me At Rivulet resort, Pallivasal in last week of May. Photo taken on my mobile phone.Apologise for the terrible quality.The background shows river flowing near Rivulet resort.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The fringe is becoming the mainstream and that is not good for India. #PadmavatiBan

The fringe is becoming the mainstream and that is not good for India. #PadmavatiBan

Bollywood has a way of doing things. Padmavati protests are giving them a message.The protests are based on rumours that Khilji is depicted as hero and Padmavati in a dream sequence romancing with Khilji.In history, there is something called oral traditions.The vadakkan pattu shows Chanthu as chathiyan & molester trying to rape and Unniyarcha as fighter woman.But MT's movie makes Chanthu as hero and Unniyarcha as a woman who invites Chanthu to bedroom. Padmavathi is an icon for Rajputs so this issue can raise their sentiments.Bollywood, Cricket and Cow are diversionary tactics of politicians so that people do not know about misgovernance.


  • Jayakumar Hariharan
    Cinema is not documentary filming. Activists should leave the creative space to regulatory authorities and if absolutely necessary, courts.Bollywood, Cricket and Cow are diversionary tactics of politicians so that people do not know about misgovernance.
  • Vinesh V Prabhu
    Situation in the world at present is Inflammatory ...if they touch religious traditional or cultural things.Better true stories come in light... instead of such cooked up dramas using real names.... if fiction.. then change all the n.ames
  • Muhammed Thaha
    ഫിക്ഷൻ കഥ ആണോ പത്മാവതി ? അതിൽ എങ്ങനെ അലവുദ്ധീൻ കിൽജി വന്നു ? അതോ ഇനി ഉള്ളത് തന്നെ ആണോ ? ഒന്നും അങ്ങട് ദഹിക്കുന്നില്ല.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Opposition questions Union Government on Rafale Deal

Finally congress got something solid to allege.Indian Airforce needed planes urgently to replace old jets.So MMRCA tender was flaunted during AK Antony's time.The cost was 54000 crores (according to then rupee euro conversion rate) for 126 planes in 2012.Each plane would cost 438 crores then (530 crores at present conversion rate).The buying process that started in 2001 selected Dassault Rafale aircraft after all tests and procedures as the suitable aircraft.The plan included technology transfer and manufacting of the multirole aircrafts by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited). The french did not find it easy to work with the HAL.So they tied up with Reliance in 2012.Indian Government was not interested in involving Reliance in to the deal.Then the congress government talked with the french and they agreed to involve HAL and invest 1500 crores for Reliance to make wings of the aircraft.UPA lost the elections in 2014.By then the cost doubled and new Modi Government found it uneconomical to buy the planes at higher price. Modi talked with the french government, scrapped the deal and made a new one.New deal is nothing great.India will purchase 36 fighters for 59830 crores.So one fighter would cost Rs 1639 crores each.New deal includes additional missiles and accessories but the HAL went out of the picture and the place of Reliance is cemented.But the delivery period was not that great.First set on planes will arrive only in 2019.Since India is buying only 36 fighters , technology transfer also does not takes place.The Union Government changed the FDI rules in 2016 for allowing Dassault to invest 49 percent in Reliance.Given the nature in which defense deals are happening in India, Congress is making the opportunity to bring attention to this deal and score brownie points.But India cannot afford scrapping this deal again since russian planes in our squadrons are retiring soon.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Story of a Young Man I met on Bus

Today I met a young man Mr. Hari (Name Changed to protect privacy) who lost his job due to demonitisation. He was repairing fans, electric motors & mixer grinders on a daily wage of Rs 500.Thanks to demonitisation, their business got hit and his employer asked him not to come as he has no means to pay the daily wage.He was a 10th standard passed young man working as an intern there.His father was suffering from some kind of disease and he was the only breadwinner of the family.And that was why he have to drop out the studies in the tenth standard.He had a loan of 3 lakhs as well as his home's document (deed) was pledged at a private finance company for 50000 rupees.He applied for a job as a door to door seller of masala powders, utencil cleaner and fmcg products.Now he is promoted as Manager and would no longer have to go door to door selling rice powder packets.Instead he would train new recruits and manage the distribution of the products in a certain northern district of the company which has presence in Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu. And he has paid his loan as well as took back the pledged document of home's title deed from the private finance company (read money lender).He plans to live a happy life.Want to uplift his family from the present financial situation.He want to conduct marriage of his sister and help the family of his uncle who is bedridden.And he has only the sales skills acquired last year to sell rice powder packets & dish wash bar to homemakers of that Northern district of Kerala. And he regards his job of Manager of a direct marketing company at the age of 24 as a dream come true and a great success in life.End of story.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Food Review - Tharavad Restaurent Tiruvalla Vegetable Biriyani

Usually when buying vegetable biriyani, I lose money.It is beause the vegetable biriyani served in majority of the hotels are not up to the standard.I ate a vegetable biriyani from Tharavad Restaurent, Podiyadi while traveling on a day three months back.I felt the food as good.Then I had the same food later from other restaurents in these three month.They were not at all tasty.While passing through that route, again visited Tharawad hotel and bought a vegetable biriyani parcel.It was tasty again.I am not remembering about any other food consumed from there and the opinion is personal and could go wrong for others


  • Sinu George Rajan
    Gst billing nu purathu vaangi .. athum 18%.12% is g gst rate for hotel food ... that too inside d bill.
  • Maneesh Jayachandran
    that is true..ഇരുമ്പ് , പെയിൻറ് കടകളിൽ (ചെറിയ കടകളിൽ) ബില്ല് ചോദിച്ചാൽ എസ്റ്റിമേറ്റ് ആണ് തരുന്നത്. ഓരോരുത്തരും ഇത് പോലെ ബില്ല് പോസ്റ്റ് ചെയ്‌താൽ ആളുകൾ പലതും പഠിക്കാനാകും.not willingly given..consumer is forced to pay tax..especially wen we dont have pondicherry addresses..what development?All the money looted from us as tax is wasted by the politician and government officers..They sit at ivory towers and call us as antinationals and antidevelopment.എൻ്റെ ഉദ്ദേശം അവന്മാർ പറയുന്ന വില കൊടുത്തു ബിരിയാണി വാങ്ങി കഴിക്കുക എന്നതായിരുന്നു.അതിനിടെ രാഷ്ട്രപുനര്നിര്മാണം ഒന്നും നടത്താൻ സൗകര്യം കിട്ടിയില്ല. സോറി.പെട്രോൾ പമ്പിലും നികുതി കണക്കു നോക്കി ശരിയാണോ എന്ന് മനസ്സിലാക്കാനും ടാങ്കിൽ കൃത്യമായ അളവിലാണോ തരുന്നത് എന്ന് നോക്കാനും തരമില്ല. അവർ പറയുന്ന വില കൊടുത്ത അവർക്ക് തോന്നുന്ന അളവിൽ ടാങ്കിൽ ഒഴിച്ച് തരും.വണ്ടി ഓടിക്കണമെങ്കിൽ പെട്രോൾ മേടിച്ചോണ്ട് പൊക്കോണം.
  • Dani Gorgon
    Approximately 40 donated for the nation's development. Imagine the compounding power of tax (loot). Two veg meals translates to ₹40. How many meals a day? But there are atleast a million children who still have no access to the luxury of ₹40 worth of meals a day. Tax vs Poverty.
  • Vinesh V Prabhu
    You should question on gst charged???? Does that mean.... tharavad was not paying any taxes prior gst ??? If yes..then they should reduce that taxes and charge only balance.... if no... then report to tax authority for a raid...for tax evation till August 2017..Kottarakkara arya bhavan also did the same to me... I threatened to go to gst authority on this...Does they have 1 crore turnover yearly?? Only then they have right to charge this..Else they are exempted from gst..If yes... then they should have paid lot of taxes prior August 2017... vat..sales tax...etc.. if not.... income tax must raid them and penalise....

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Young Politician Murdered in Kashmir

Sad that this young man who look like rising sun has been murdered by the terrorists in Kashmir for engaging in politics.Kashmiri terrorists have been shooting and killing politicians of BJP as well as National Conference.


ഉദയസൂര്യനെ പോലെയിരിക്കുന്ന ഈ യുവാവിനെ കൊന്ന തീവ്രവാദികളെ മുഴുവൻ ഭസ്മമാക്കാൻ ഇന്ത്യൻ സൈന്യത്തിന് കഴിയട്ടെ.
ഗൗഹർ അഹമ്മദ് ഭട്ട് , ഷോപ്പിയാൻ , കാശ്മീർ (30)