• Memoir about Running a Weed Clearing Service in Kerala...

    Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was a micro enterprises founded by me in 2011 to remove weeds and grass in plantations and agricultural lands on contract basis using a worker equipped with a Brushcutter machine by investing 75000 indian rupees.

  • How to run a roadside dosa business (and make it big).

    Interesting video explaining the math behind a roadside dosa business...

  • Munnar Holidays 2017

    Munnar hills you get the blessed presence of Maneesh Jayachandran , a visitor from plain lands. It is me At Rivulet resort, Pallivasal in last week of May. Photo taken on my mobile phone.Apologise for the terrible quality.The background shows river flowing near Rivulet resort.....

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Royal Enfield Motorcycles for Women Empowerment

Do not believe in the status quo and the establishment. Embrace and bring about the change.Every second our body is going through many transformations. So is the mind.

Male chauvinism is not something which one should tolerate.It is a social evil that should be fought and defeated.Social Media is place where the general thought of the society gets exposed.

Tripthi Desai is a woman activist who storms religious places of worship where women are restricted.In response to her, her detractors photos of her holding a glass of beverage.They spread it as she consuming alcohol at a party.

Some men do regard that they have exclusive right to drink alcoholic beverages.They show animosity when a woman drinks it.In a country where you can legally buy booze, it is not a criminal offence for women to buy booze and drink it in their private homes or hostels.You and I have no business in their privacy.

Another private symbol of pride of the Indian male is the Royal Enfield Motorcycle. So I call upon all young girls to try learn to ride one.As a man, I can assure you..this is one of the best blow to our male chauvinist tendencies.It won't be that easy to ride like Hero Pleasure scooter but definitely possible and worth the try.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yogi Adityanath Becomes Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Gorakhpur MP Yogi Adityanath selected as CM Designate of Uttar Pradesh.Mass leaders cannot be ignored.This priest of Gorakhpur temple is a popular figure, animal rights activists and a blend of religion and politics there.The voters call has been answered with this key decision.His speeches do irks the secular politicians often.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Heaven in Vedic Religion

Humble Request to People with Siddhis

Request people with Siddhis (paranormal, superhuman powers claimed by Spiritual traders) to help Indian army to make Super Soldiers and help our intelligence agencies in counter terrorism efforts.This claim of Siddhis is useless if it cannot stop crimes or bring peace to mankind. So I accept Spiderman, Superman, Hanuman etc. but reject Gold & bhasma making babas & those who claim to violate God's Law (atheists please read as Nature's Law).

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chitramaala Arts & Crafts Gallery Nooranad Start Up

Breaking the happy news about the Soft Launch of My mother's (Smt. Valsala Jayachandran) Mural Painting Gallery & training centre [Chitramaala arts and crafts] happened today.Formal Opening will happen sometime in the future.The centre is located at Nooranad, 15 kms from Kayamkulam.She was a drawing teacher at Edappon High School , retired 3 years back and continuing learning under gurus.Now will be teaching mural painting & arts here.Inviting everyone to check this place.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

300 Year Old Wait

A 300 year old Wait.But Worth it. Success should not get over the head and rulers should not engage in misrule and corruption.

Look at the mess America is at now.If we follow biparty system or presidential system, players like AAP can never sprout.They beated the congress and BJP in the Delhi elections.Even SP and Congress were bitter rivals.This was an alliance of convenience.If anti modi votes are united, Bjp can be defeated. We saw that in Bihar elections. Dadri Lynching and Beef Politics made BJP lose Dadri...

Rajesh G. Nair

Yes when the descendants of bajiro failed to check the realities and they failed get the confidence of jats and rajputs and the Adbdali and afghans win the war at paniput after few decade the english destroy the Maratha Confederacy and made them pretty small states .Balaji and his descendants played a key role in expansion of Maratha rule. The empire at its peak stretched from Tamil Nadu[7] in the south to Peshawar (modern-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan[8] [a]) in the north, and Bengal and Andaman Islands in the east.[10] In 1761, the Maratha Army lost the Third Battle of Panipat to Ahmad Shah Abdali of the Afghan Durrani Empire which halted their imperial expansion into Afghanistan.In 1758 , 3 years before the final paniput the maratha empire reached its peak.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Hindutva Forces Capture the States of Uttar Pradesh through Democracy

It brings immense happiness to see the Psuedointellectuals and feku liberals getting pain and frustration on the win of the NATIONAL leader, Shri Narendra Modi who is a gift of god to India.Writing is on the wall.A State with literacy and 100 % banking with banks in all villages had howling politicians spraying venom against Narendra Modi for taking a strong step of demonitisation.The State of Uttar Pradesh is such that villagers have to travel kilometers to reach a bank to exchange / deposit currency notes. This reveals something that if a good deed is done honestly, people will reward you from the bottom of their hearts.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

പുനർജ്ജന്മം (ഭാരതീയ കാഴ്ചപ്പാട്)

Importance of Good Food in Life

Food is not like what petrol is to car.Eating food is a lively and sensual experience. Enjoy, celebrate and worship the eating experiences.The sight of food entices our eye, smell the noses, taste the tongue and touch the skin.The love of mother, wife or daughter preparing the food completes it.The job of food is to nourish the body as well as soothe the mind and senses.

Food is divided in to two parts in Ayurveda - Hitha and Ahitha.The opinion of Acharyas is that wise men may take intelligent decisions based on the Hita- Ahitha table made by them.

Rice, Wheat, Navara, Yava, Cherupayar, Padavalanga, Nellikka and Inthuppu can be taken daily.Mutton is the preferred non vegetarian food for human body.Nellikka, Grapes and Pomegranate fruits should be included in foods.Eat more liquid substances.Honey , Milk and Ghee could stop degradation of body cells.

Curd, Dried meat, Pork, Beef, Fish, Uzhunnu, Amaracka, Chembu, Thamaravalayam, Sprouted grains,Food stuffs in pasted form should not be consumed daily.Occasionally you could take this.

Do not eat very hot and very salty food.

Liquids consumed after food should be changed according to the nature of the food.Cold water with wheat, yava, curd, alcohol, honey etc. and hot water with dosha, iddali and arimavu foods is suggested.

Avoid opposite foods.Some foods when used individually acts as nutrients and toxics when used in combinations.They are called Virudha Aharas.Uzhunnu with fish, Jaggery with radish, Milk with sour fruits, chicken meat with curd are examples for Virudha Aharas.

Food influences the mind.Food is divided in to Satvik, Rajasik and Thamasik categories.Milk, Cow's ghee etc. preserves the steady state of the mind. So they are called Satvik Aharas.Alcohol, Tea, Coffee stimulates the mind.So they are rajasik foods.Buffalo's milk dampens the mind so it is rated as Tamasik food.

Consume food in a friendly atmosphere.Don't make noise.Don't disrespect Annam or the food because it is daivam or Divya.

Upavasa or fasting one or two times a month is good to give rest to the digestive system.You can consume pure water, tender coconut water, fruit juices during the fast. Upavasa with vratha cleanses the body and mind.

References and related reading.

  1. Ayurvedavum Deerghayussum - Dr. K. Muraleedharan. ISBN 978-81-8264-931-6

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

16 year old gifted baby by Catholic Priest in Kannur, Kerala

These kind of issues can happen in churches, ashrams, madrassas, gurukulas, boardings, hostels etc.Nothing religious about it. Producing children out of wedlock and from Minors should not be appeased due to the fancy dress they wear be it Asharam Bapu or Robin Vadakkumchiriyil or Ayoob. But defending such attrocities using the religion and covering it up using money, muscle, mafia, religious power should be fought tooth and nail by the civil society . #KeralaCatholicPriestRape

Drink your Food & chew your Water: R. Madhavan