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    Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was a micro enterprises founded by me in 2011 to remove weeds and grass in plantations and agricultural lands on contract basis using a worker equipped with a Brushcutter machine by investing 75000 indian rupees.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

The elusive idea called MBA

Master of Business Administration degree is something I was looking forward to learn ever since I got the bachelors degree in engineering. I am pretty sure that I wont become a master of business administration even if I complete the course. But people say that the learning process that happens in B-Schools groom you to face successfully the onslaught of events in your business career. Without an mba you are less equipped to take on the world.But I believe MBA is never a replacement for years of real experience.


The learning process (academic time) teaches you the fundamentals of managing a business. A company can be run in an informal way or in a professional way.MBA helps you choose the later.Professional course teaches you how to plan, use efforts of talents and allocate resources towards realization of set targets.

You can learn about the relationship between different functions  and departments of a business such as sales, marketing, finance, hr, administration, operation, public relations, R&D etc. It helps you face problems occur in the business and translate them to figures, graphs, formulas and find practical solutions. There are lot of jargons related to business, finance, tax laws and certain industries.An MBA Student is expected to play around with these terms during his course.

Running a small business means you are doing a one man show. This makes it impossible to do a full time course. Hopefully I shall take up d course at the earliest.

Here are my dream list (TO DO LIST)
  1. Possess an MBA degree to learn things.
  2. Learn Flying and get a Commercial Pilot License (Herculean task considering the money and difficulties involved )
  3. Learn Swimming (Relatively easier than the other)
  4. Start a small computer institute / technical training institute for the lesser privileged youths that would bridge Digital Divide and provide education for FREE. Payment of Tution Fee would be Banned in that learning centre.The instition wont be for sale of education. (Very difficult to make it happen as again lot of money required)

Edelweiss - Now You Can Ad

The Financial Services company has rolled out an ad campaign based on optimism and Obama's tagline "Now You Can".

Friday, October 15, 2010


Yesterday morning I went to bed at 1.30 am and woke at 3.45 am. It is unusual for me to wake at early hours. My body clock woke me up because I needed to go to Thiruvallam Temple at Thiruvananthapuram. Yesterday was the 2nd death anniversary of my father. One year back,his soul was laid to rest at the feets of Lord Parasurama , an incarnation of Bhagavan Vishnu after immersing the ash of his remains. I needed to visit the temple and do the Shradha karma. Months back, I did a vavubali at the pournami in karkadaka masam at a nearby temple.

My sister couldn’t join my mother and me to the temple visit since her child got vaccinated against Heppatitis B and they were wary of temperature rise. We started on car to the temple since we needed to reach the temple before 9:30 am. As soon as I reached the temple, I went  to the payment counter. I was asked to pay Rs 42 for kshetra pinda karmam, Thilahomam in the name of the deceased and an ashtothara archana in the name of me.

Then I did the Shradha by calling upon the soul of my father by sankalpa and begging him to take the food (a ball of rice containing sesame, ghee and a piece of banana) and clothes (a thread from the cloth I wear)  I offer and asking forgiveness for any irregularities in me doing the shradham.  All other souls up  in the genetic trees  of my father and mother were also called upon and fed yesterday.

After that I have to put the rice in nine stones in front of the Parasurama temple. The spirits of our forefathers accept the rice in the form of crows. Later I got to immerse the remaining rice in a water body nearby. A water canal was there near the temple but it was stagnant water though.

After immersing I was washing my hands and legs, I saw a lady standing in front of the canal. She had something in her hand and was watching the people immersing the rice on banana leaf. She was standing there as if in doubt of something. While I was walking away, her husband came out of the car and he called me and asked me how to immerse the banana leaf he was in his hand. When I checked his leaf, I found sandal paste in it .The couple  seems not to belong in Kerala since they didn’t knew malayalam. I explained to him that he needed not put the sandalwood to the water and the couple went back to their car.

I took the breakfast after the shradham and then drove back to home.I stopped at Karunagapally to take lunch at a hotel called ‘PUTTUKADA’ and learned that at noon they don’t serve PUTTU. After lunch, I drove back to home. After driving 246 kilometers on Astar,I was tired.I went to bed to compensate the loss of sleeping hours of the previous day.But the unusual sleep during the morning hours drained my energy when I woke up.

I was greeted by Common Wealth Games closing ceremony by the television. The inauguration was better than the closing ceremony. The best part of the closing ceremony were the dance of the children, performers from Scotland, laser show, fireworks. Music show was ok. I thought I need to use them to forget about my bad days. My father was neither a perfect father nor I was a perfect son.

His death was an important event in my life. After his death, life was completely different. It is very sad that old times won’t come back.

I feel very sad on myself. I was a bad example of a son. Unlike other people, I didn’t give my father any material benefits of life like money, clothes. In mid 2007,I was really broke financially ,emotionally and in my career. After 16th July 2006 I think I was having bad days for more than two years. My work was all affected by father’s illness. My earnings were never sufficient for his treatments. During those days, all of my money were poured in for his treatment, yet nothing was possible with that amount.After his death I feel myself guilty of not being able to provide more assistance in terms of money for his medical needs. My work was also hampered due to the frequent hospital visits and directly affecting my earnings. 

Despair, gloominess and negativity was my companion during 2007 – 2008.Positivite thinking and self confidence was keeping me alive during that period. The society as a whole did nothing to keep me alive. Out of the 200 people I met during those days, about 95 of them insulted me in face looking to my eyes for being and living different from rest of the beings (normal and practical men as they are called in this world).I still thank the remaining five persons out of the 200 for whom I owe my life. They didn’t gave me penny but they gave me reassuring words that could help me get back to my tracks, do actions are bring results.

After my sorrowful days, I am learning to enjoy the bad days as a gift of god for me to emerge out of it stronger. But you know like all other human beings I am an imperfect creation of god. I am praying to god to keep me stronger to face the challenges in life and to learn from my mistakes.

Now I don’t care about what others say about me. I do not exist in this world to collect good certificates, medal of honors from the people around me. I just want the medal and certificates that are printed at my Lord's printing press and want them to delivered directly from GOD!

Monday, October 11, 2010

BSNL Dataone Broadbank Unlimited Rural 500 Combo Plan

After shifting to the rural unlimited combo 500 plan, my phone bills have halfed and internet speed doubled.The internet speed of the old plan i discontinued also doubled though.An advantage of this combo plan is that there are 150 free calls to be made from this landphone and this comes within the monthly commitment of Rs 500.Now internet speed assured is 512kbps till 4GB usage and 256kbps for rest of the month.

You got to pay about Rs 530 every month for unlimited internet.This plan is only available in rural areas.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I lost my voter id card issued by the election commission of india. I lost it along with the driving license in 2007. I took Duplicate Driving Licence from the same RTO in 2008.Now I have been postponing the efforts to take duplication voters id card due to various reasons. One election came in between and election people were giving duplicates but I didn’t went.

Now local body election happens in Kerala. So I got an information that the election department at the Tehsil (Taluk) office is starting to issue duplicate voter id cards from 08.10.2010.So I drove to mavelikkara  yesterterday  in my Astar and it was raining heavily. I reached there and find a long queue of people.Since I have completed the form before hand, I just need to find my card id number and put the data and place in it.A person employed there took my application form and he checked the number of my family member in the kiosk in the same room. The kiosk terminal didn’t showed my number. So he forwarded my application form to the person on desk receiving the application. So I step aside from the queue and came to the desk and he searched for my house name in his computer and didn’t get any results.I suggested him to search “Vysakh” instead of “Vaisakh” and then he got me. I have a faint memory of the error in the old voters id card.

Then I was asked to wait on the verandah of the room for about 45 minutes and my turn came and I went in to the “studio” room where  a guy with digital camera will take your photo.In between taking photos, he prints the voter id on low quality paper and does elamination {coating a thin film of plastic for protection of the document} on it.My photo was not taken however since my series number was different from others and said they already have my old photo in their database. They gave  a slip (low quality paper) on which is written it is written “29.10.2010” and “fees”. So I need to go back again for the card. I could have shared the application format here but I thought about writing this post after coming back only so I don’t have the application forms with me.

Here is what you need to applu for a duplicate card during election time (Special window for applying)
  1. An Application Form in English where you write your name, father’s name and address.Format can be bought for Rs 2 at Photostat shop / pan shop/ tea shop near the taluk (Tehsil) office.
  2. An application form in Malayalam where you write name, father’s/ spouse’s name, age, address,old id card number etc.
  3. A copy of a voters card of your family member.This is for them to search and locate you in their computer database.
  4. Person to be present physically in the office so that they can take your photo.You cannot  send an ADC for this purpose.
  5. It is not a must for you to lodge FIR in police station when applying during election time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Tickets Online for India – Australia Cricket Matches at Kochi and Goa

They always position the test matches before one day internationals. A general rule of thumb says that one day internationals are more interesting than test matches spanning over five days. Partly this is true, but I enjoy tests particularly when I was in my college days. The crowd would be much excited for the ODIs after India’s unbelievable win in the first test match. Federal Bank in association to the Kerala Cricket Association is providing online booking facility for the ODI matches at Kochi and Goa.


The ODI series starts with the one day match at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kaloor, Kochi on 17.10.2010.Film actor mammooty has inaugurated the ticket sale that started from 7th October 2010.Tickets are available of denomination Rs 200 to Rs 5000 at branches of Federal Bank. Tickets of certain denomination are available only at select branches.

Cost of Ticket x Number of Tickets = Total Revenue

Rs 5000  x 400 = Rs 20,00,000
Rs 3000 x 2000 = Rs 60,00,000
Rs 2000 x 2500 = Rs 50,00,000
Rs 1000 x 12000 = Rs 1,20,00,000
Rs 300 x 22500 = Rs 67,50,000
Rs 200 x 7500 = Rs 15,00,000 

Total Earnings =  3,32,00,000

Big MONEY! ...HUH….

Sale of Ticket through branches closes on 14th October 2010.Tickets can be bought from the stadium on 15th and 16th October and from palarivattom / ernakulam branch.On seventeenth ticket sale closes at 11 am.


Tickets can be bought online between 7th October 2010 and 13th October 2010.ID Proof is a must and ticket should be printed online when generated.